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Tonight my partner and I decided to check out Dreamworld's Sunset Safari. Meeting at the Bengal Tiger Exhibit at 4:30pm, we were taken behind the exhibit to view the Tigers in the cages. We were given a very informative talk by a keeper Peter. It was great seeing these big cats up close. We were then met by our guide for the evening Kelly, who took us to behind the scenes at the Australian Wildlife Experience. We visited Quarantine, the Surgery and the food preparation area for all the animals While in these areas we got to meet a Bilby up close and also pat a snake. Following this we went behind the scenes in Koala Country and saw the very active koalas having tea. Another keeper Matt then came out and was holding another koala which we had photos with and were allowed to touch. Sandwiches and bottled water was than provided to everyone and a good rest was had at the Kakadu wetlands. This place is beautiful at night, and you totally forget you are in a themepark. It's very peaceful and great. Matt then took us behind the scenes with the Dingos for dinner. Dreamworld's Sunset Safari is great value for money. Our group only had 11 people, but upto 25 people can enjoy this tour at a time. If you love animals and would like a behind the scenes look at how the keepers help maintain the animals, then this tour is great value. I would suggest that Dreamworld maybe have a couple of flashlights, because some of the pathways are pitchblack and it was hard to navigate in points. The inclusion of the sandwiches and bottled water were a welcome treat, and add to the evening. Peter, Kelly and Matt were fantastic. They were all excellent speakers who were more than happy to answer all the questions we had. Sunset Safari can be pre-booked and you do not need to pay for park entry to have this experience. If you are not paying for park admission you cannot enter the park through the main gates until 4:30pm. Tickets are $25 each and only available these school holidays. **pictures are used for review purposes only -- there is no benefit, either personal or commercial, to the photographer**

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