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Best Ride Operators


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  1. 1. Best Ride Operators

    • Dreamworld
    • Luna Park (Melbourne)
    • Movieworld
    • Seaworld
    • Wet'n'Wild
    • Wonderland Sydney

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Which Australian theme park do you think has the best ride operators? Consider efficiency, friendliness and presentation in you answer. "The Bus is now leaving for Best Of All Lookout, Queensland

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I'd have to say Sea World by a long shot. Movie World has some good ones, but there are some who I have to say are next to clueless (Lethal Weapon one-train operation tends to attract them I've found). Dreamworld is utterly hopeless - I can't believe they've bee voted for. :) Wonderland Sydney's were reasonably efficient, but I found quite a few of them were there pressing the buttons and nothing more - no interaction whatsoever, not even a smile on their face (Knott's Berry Farm reminded me a lot of Wonderland). And Luna Park's are pretty hopeless, and I've seen them act downright rude to guests (not politely telling a man that his camera isn't allowed on the ride, even just to photograph his two kids in the seat in front while the train was still loading, but screaming in his face that he is breaking the rules and will be kicked out). Sea World's staff are very efficient (Corkscrew must be the best capacity, single train ride in Australia), courteous and just plain happy. As for Wet'n'Wild, well all they do is stand around all day and look pretty (it was funny at Wet 'n Wild Orlando - the uniform for the guys was nothing but a tiny pair of black shorts, the sort of thing you'd see on Baywatch). :) I've zapped this over to General Thrills, where it is better suited.

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I found dreamworld to be the most helpful, When i was there in Jan this year anyway, On the gaint drop there where heaps of people waiting and they let you choose which side (east or west) side you wanted to face, And the reptar coaster they were really good. Really help full they allways tlked to you, stuff like that. Movie world some of them were " in another world" they didnt even say hello or anything, Must have been a long boring shift for them.

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My vote goes to Seaworld on this one. The Seaworld Operators do the job quick and easily, and are very enthusiastic, espcially one named Kasper. He was sooo funny, and very talkative. There was this other woman who was operating the Pirate Ship, and her, I and my friend Aleesha were explaining to her about Bounty's Revenge @ Wonderland, because she has never been there before.

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I think its far-fetched to ask who the best ride-ops are/were. I mean, if you bought terrible food from the park or were spoken to rudely by guest services staff it would have a serious impact in judging your opinion about ride operators. However, being a guest at WL, DW, and MW i found very enthusiastic staff at all three BUT found disinterested staff also (at all three parks)

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