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Good Bye and Good LUCK!

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To all the staff that worked there over the years and made it the way I will always remember it, Thankyou! and goodluck! I almost know the feeling... I went through the same expeirence after working 4 years at the Disney store... we had a huge private meeting where it was announced then we had the option of staying on or look for new jobs straight away. All I can urge EVERYONE to do is PLEASE take as many PHOTOS as POSSIBLE!!!! I mean photos of EVERYTHING!! bins, parking signs, ride entrances, different buildings etc.... as it's the only way this generation will be able to remember it and tell future generations about a park called Wonderland! Thanks My family will sure miss it!

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Bins and parking signs?I see you strongly wish to keep those fond memories.I can relate though;I would yell and scream if Dreamworld were to close down.Your right about the future generation thing,but hopefully by then there will be other parks for them to think about.Let's hope so. :D

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