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Big Pineapple makeover underway!

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A spruce-up will begin this week as the tourism icon's new owners put together plans for its revival. Scaffolding has gone up around the attraction, which The Courier-Mail has been told will be repainted for the first time in many years. The 40-year-old Heritage-listed drawcard was in such a bad state the consortium that recently bought it for $5.8 million decided to launch an immediate clean-up. More details of plans for the site are expected soon but the vision will be to create a market hub for locals and visitors. The consortium, which includes Roger Lago, Damon Falcongreen, Brad Rankin and Franco DiBartolomeo, has indicated it wants the Big Pineapple to continue being a tourist attraction. The sale included 165ha of land on 15 titles across both sides of the Bruce Highway. The site comprised 10,000sq m of buildings, including the main restaurant and retail facility, hydroponics structures, macadamia and chocolate factories and macadamia, avocado and citrus orchards. All require renovations and rejuvenation.


The Big Pineapple once attracted more people than any of the Gold Coast's theme parks.

http://www.sunshinec...eapple-woombye/ WTF?! I never knew that. But I do remember going there quite a bit in the mid 90's with my nan and it was always very busy. Then I went there about 2 years ago and it was in the most dead, depressing, derelict state. I was surprised it was even open and there was next to no one there. I really hope they can restore it to its former glory. Edited by POP
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^ IKR. It's sad what happened to the place, the owners who bought it in the mid 90's just did absolutely nothing to it and they didn't even spent money on maintenance. Anything that broke they just left it in disrepair (like the sad fate of Tomorrow's Harvest). I hope that ride gets revamp for the reopening!

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