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What happens if you get stuck on BuzzSaw

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Flop coaster. It's quite embarrassing how much this has stalled in its first few months.

This post is a flop, they stopped it on purpose.

Fire fighter does have a time limit.. i think it is 7mins? for them to get up there and rescue the guest because after 7mins apparently you can be unconscious due to the position that you are in.

That didn't happen to the people who got trapped on Turbine at Walibi, and that was stuck for ages.
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It's called suspension trauma and it's caused by the body being trapped unconscious and unable to move the legs or faint into a horizontal position. When upright the heart itself is unable to pump blood from the legs up, it needs the leg muscles to assist. As long as you are not unconscious and can move your legs you will be fine for a long period of time.

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Does Buzzsaw have heat issues?? Apparently according to a person that posted on TZA stated this " told by the staff at dreamworld is that it's a heat issue, the ride was made in germany, and they don't have the hot weather like we do and it's the heat that is causing the malfuction with the chain that lowers it ...back to the station, it got stuck the other day when i was there and they had to do a reloop around and just let it rock back and forth till it came to a stop." Could we see a drama these school holidays??? Thoughts??

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Using my background in Physics

No offence, but I thought you failed physics??

i can't see anything of a heat issue causing this

What about some form of thermal resistor in the circuit you don't know about, or even just the temperature affecting the resistance without a thermal resistor and limiting the power it receives? And the two very legitimate reasons above this post?? I could easily see heat being able to cause the ride to break down. It causes The Claw to break down a lot during Summer.
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