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Luna Park Xmas 2011 Holiday Line up

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For your information guys, Luna Park has announced its Xmas holiday line up and I have to say that it is looking like pretty good value. From Boxing Day, Jurassic Coaster, Rock'N Tug and The Disk'O will be appearing. Also from January the 7th, there will be located at The Big Top, the Dinosaurs Alive! Exhibition. The LPS site says "DINOSAURS ALIVE! is a $3.5 million educative and fun-filled exhibition featuring robotic dinosaurs. It takes visitors along the 165-million-year journey of the Age of Dinosaurs. At Luna Park 7th January to 12th February, don't miss these pre-historic giants. Visitors can marvel and learn about the seven dinosaurs on display as they walk through the exhibition. They will see Tyrannosaurus rex, Velociraptor, Stegosaurus, Apatosaurus, Huayangosaurus, Gasosaurus and Allosaurus in motion. By seeing the life-like dinosaurs move in front of them, guests can imagine how the magnificent creatures once roamed the Earth." If you have a young family or are young at heart, then this should provide some good summer fun. I know I will be taking my kids there after we get back from the Gold Coast and I will put up a trip report for all. I think that Luna Park should utilise The Big Top more for travelling attractions like this. A few years ago, they had "Prison Break LIVE" which was an interactive walkthrough maze with live actors. A evolving,changing , Xmas walkthrough attraction, be it a scarefest, or information driven like Dinosaurs Alive!, should be something that Luna Park should investigate further and could become a great future drawcard at this time of year. I think the Dinosaurs Alive! exhibition is going to be a winner. I mean, which young kid is not fascinated by Dinosaurs? Thoughts?

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Gazza, don't be too over concerned!! It is a travelling kiddie coaster with dinosaur figures liberally placed around the course and a dinosaur themed backdrop.Makes sense to include it in the ride line-up with the Dinosaur Alive exhibition I guess. My 6 year old and 4 year old loved it and in its defense it is fairly smooth-it is also a pretty new ride. Its a big hit with the younger ones and families, delivering mild thrills and prepares younger minds for bigger coasters when they are older. It is a good design and has 2 "lift hills" (tyre driven), although I am not certain of the manufacturer-anyone help out with that? All in all good fun. :)

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The coaster was manufactured SBF Visa :)

Ahhh SBF Visa!! Thanks for that Spotty!! Makers of goodness such as Fear! The Tower coaster!!! Not!! :D Gazza here is a pic from the SBF Visa website of the model that comprises The Jurassic coaster. Cheers


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