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Vintage amusement objects wanted to buy

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Hi, I am looking to buy old vintage unused old stock of rides, coin rides, dodgem cars, laughing clowns, carosel parts, lights, hand painted wooden banners signs, anything old and interesting with character. Do you have a store room/shed full of old bits and pieces or know who i might best contact.? Please forward any contacts. I am a private collector, i am wanting to build a great collection of Australias past arcade/amusement/carnival collectibles etc for a future exhibition. Good prices paid for old broken unused stock.! Thanks, joe in Adelaide.

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Spambots will almost always include links in their messages. The only reason for their being is to increase site ranking in the search engines... the more links pointing back to their site the higher they rank for the particular keyword they're trying to target. Seeing as there's no links in Joe's message and it's actually relevant to the amusement industry (not WoW gold or porn) makes me 110% sure :)

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Fair enough and I was thinking that too, but I think we had a bot appear on here that made a normal post at first, then started spamming crap. Either way, no offence electricdog. On topic. http://www.rides4u.com/ http://www.italintl.com/index.php http://www.usedrides.com/ http://www.amusementtrader.com/

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