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Shipwreck Island

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Hey guys, I've been playing RCT3 on and off for a while (With CS it's a great way to satisfy the inner nerd) and thought you might be interested in my first pretty much finished park; Shipwreck Island.

The video below is a click-able park map, once the map appears just click on the annotations to go on a ride, it's as easy as that! Will be uploading more of the rides but I think most of the ones people are going to want to 'go on' are up so check it out.

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GML8TTpodR8 Feedback welcome :)

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3 questions. 1) How did you make the Dinosaur Caves ride? (CTR?) 2) What CS did you use? (Any chance of a park-wide list?) 3) Can you please stop posting stuff like this, you're making my attempts look bad.

1)Ride vechiles for the dino caves is the "Omnimover" from Revolutionary Rides: http://www.revolutionaryrides.net/index.html


The CS for that ride is mostly the caves, which is shyguys rock set



Just a few quick other notes, that ride does fit into the building. A lot of times with RCT3 dark rides in parks they're not in the park, but rather in a separate file and edited together, but I wanted to have the ride actually be in the park, and it was a rather late addition, hence how small it is. To make the ride I built a very simple track layout (staying at all times at least 3 blocks from the outside of the building), then decided on where the action would happen, then built my scenes around the ride. After that I built the cave walls, then I built a black box around it so even with a gap in the caves you wouldn't see anything you're not supposed to, then I built the exterior around the black building. The tricky part with that is to plan it so that the walls aren't up against each other, otherwise they'll strobe/look crappy.

2)Most of the custom scenary I used can these days be found at


As for a park wide list, I'm not sure what I used in this park, but I'll give you a list of the best of what I I have:

1274915252_nuru_swclavatorys (custom toilets, makes them look like a building rather than taking up one square,)

AnimatronicRideEvents (Duplicates the animatronic s in the game as ride events)

ath_catwalk_and_coaster_accessories_set (all self respecting players should have this)

Bafke_Stations_v1-3 (I think I used this for the monorail stations)

BridgeIt2010 (looks like a good set but don't think I've used it)

Cap_n_Pogo_Strobes___Lights_v1.1 (not as good as Voodhlin's lights but does come in handy sometimes for ride events)

coasterman20076stagelightt (Probably would bother with this one, light doesn't work and doesn't look that amazing anyway)

CRMonoBeams (If you do make a park wide monorail this will make it more presentable, I didn't bother with it for mine though)

doughnuts_junkyard_letters_v3.0 (3D letters. Look kind of crappy but sometimes you just need letters)

DRPLightz MEGAPACK (again not as good as Voodhlin's lights but sometimes comes in handy)

FencesAndRailings (must have set, lots of different new fences)

Flume-Covers (used to make the "Timber River log ride" look more presentable)

ImagineerJohn_s_Coaster-Kit_BETA_zip (can't remember what this one has in it but imagineerjohn_s stuff is pretty much always good




M&PCoalMine (very good set, hard to find these days)

McConnerysFastFood (again good set)

mgpBlack (black walls, very useful for dark rides

NYRBoxSupports (the supports used for the ride "Epic"

oldman_john_oldman_cottage_set (used a couple of times in the park, has a custom stall which fits the building)

PumperSteelWorx (a bit of a staple, if you know about CS you probably already have it)

shyguy_mainstreet (8 sets in total, so many things that a motivated person can do with them)



I think that's pretty much the best of what I've got, buggered if I know where to find most of it these days (aside from the like above)


3) Thanks, I'll post more soon


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What size land are you using, and what pc?

I don't think I adjusted the land when I started building the scenareo, so if the defult option is 160X160 then that's what I've got. As for my computer, try not to laugh too hard: 2.40GHz 3GB ram NVIDIA GeForce 7600 GT Windows 7 Home Was a decent computer 2 years ago, but is well overdue for an upgrade, and an upgrade is on my 'to-do' list along with a thousand other things. In the meantime, from Shipwreck Island, Sand Storm: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UbVkbZ6izdc
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Thanks MBA2012! I'm working on a new park, it's a bit more ambitious in scale and probably won't be finished for a while yet. I've got most of the park done but it needs so many little details added its a long way off. Can honestly say I've only finished 2 rides in the new park but they're both a big step up from anything at Shipwreck Island so hopefully it'll be worth the wait!! As for a boat ride themed to an abondoned island; I normally don't have much success with water rides but the new park does have a themed water ride as a central feature.

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The feel I was going for was one of those great oldschool seaside parks, where it's got that real mesh of old and new, I guess it's a little bit inspired by Blackpool Pleasure Beach, since that's the park which really made me enjoy that oldschool vibe, and the ride selection is similar. I had little interest in making a promenade or anything of the sort, hence the whole park is an island which is accessed by boat. Despite how difficult it'd be in reality, I think an amusement park taking up an entire island would be rather cool, hence this park. One thing I find about RCT3 is I keep using the same rides over and over, and this type of park was an attempt to do something I hadn't done before and use rides I don't normally use. This is the first time I've built a arrow hyper, wooden mouse, log flume, ferry, circus, air thrust coaster, kiddie coaster, mini golf, and a bobsled coaster, and still been able to coherently incorporate it into a park. If you click on the park map video it does give you a bit of an overview of how the park fits together and fwiw, the fireworks show takes place in the bottom left of the map where the path spreads out. Can't have a fireworks show if there's not a good viewing area right?

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