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I was curious about the manufacturer or Reef Diver, so I looked it up and here on Parkz it states that its an S.D.C Enterprise. However, it says that in 2000 the last model was replaced by a new one. Was the old one also an S.D.C or was it made by another manufacturer? (Schwarzkopf, HUSS ect)

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According to a post on Australian Amusement Fanatics a few years ago, the old Dreamworld enterprise was a Ferrari unit that ended up finding it's way to Downunderland where is is now probably either rusted away or in storage. Posts by Funderstruck

Yes the Enterprise at Downunderland was the one from Dreamworld. I was the one who pulled that crap outta Dreamworld back in 1999 when I worked there. It was not worth repairing as all the hydraulics etc were screwed. It used to lose about 2 liters of oil every cycle. The rust in the ride was also quiet frightning. It should have been sold for scrap metal. It is a ferrari model if i remember corectly. Lets just hope for the sake of safety downunderland scraps the junk.

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