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Parkz Creative Challenge 1 Round 2

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Ok. Onto round 2. As you know we had two entries for the first round and I am hoping to improve this number for this round so I am going to do something all of you guys have been talking about and suggesting ideas for, for ages! The are the same as the last round so I will not be repeating them. Though some of the requirements are different. Your job for this round is to design an extension of the wild west area at Movie World! The area must have one thrill ride. One family ride and a rest area with a cafe. Your extension must include at least part of the area behind and next to wild west falls. You must also create a new show or attraction to put in the place of the show stage. You are allowed to change as mush of the existing Wild West area as you like. These are the requirements:

  • [*]You extension must have one thrill ride [*]It must have one family attraction [*]The show stage area must be used for something [*]There must be two or more ways in and out of your new area [*]There must be a new rest area and cafe/restaurant in you new area [*]Wild West Falls must stay in its current place [*]You can use as much of the maintenance area but you can not use any part of the studios [*]YOU MUST TAKE INTO CONSIDERATION THE NOISE LIMITS ON THE WILD WEST FALLS AREA! :D :D :D
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Here is my suggestion to extend the Wild Wild West area... I would add a B & M Diving Rollercoaster, create two new 4D shows to be shown in a new 4D "Show Stage", which will use the current show stage building. I will also create a new resturant, rest area and and more themeing along a new path. My Planned setup can be seen in the PDF file below. The Diving rollercoaster will be a mix between Oblivion where it dives into the ground, and Shrieka where it is actually a rollercoaster. The story behind the rollercoaster is you are just about to go into a mine, when the lift gets stuck and you a hear a great roar. That is when you are informed that there has been an earthquake which causes the tower to shake and the lift to break which sends you hurtling down into the mine. Luckily ou are picked up by a current of water that has engulfed the mine, which takes you on a daring ride spurting you up in the air and around. The ride comes to an end when you end up safe back in the station that is themed to be a lake, also you glide over the Wild Wild West Falls lake infront of the mountain which will add to the other ride as the people riding wild wild west falls will get soaked as the rides will be syncronised. The first show would be a 4D version of Rango. The second 4d show would be about a group who is travelling through the wild wild west when they are held up by bushrangers, they try to escape and end up with many obstacles but eventually escape and the bushrangers are caught with your help.

New Wild Wild West Area.pdf



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A bushranger fits BETTER becasue it is designed for an AUSTRALIAN park not an american park. Bushrangers are famous to be found in Australia, through Ned Kelly.

So in the Spongebob show at Sea World, should they redub the original character voices with equivalent ones that have an Australian accent? To make the show fit in better with the fact that Sea World is an Australian park? Anyway, the point you are missing is that you said the 4D show is set in the "Wild West". The Wild West is in America. So guests watching the movie would be like "WTF why are there bushrangers? How did they get there?"
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My expanded wild west area would include 3 new rides, a new show and a new food outlet.

  • [*]Bandit -
to take over much of the backstage maintenance area. To comply with noise restrictions the western end of the ride (i.e. end closest to the houses) would be partially enclosed with scream shields. This would allow it to operate up to 9pm for events. [*]Round Up - Mondial WindSeeker to replace buildings near the show stage. Similar restrictions on operation would be put in place for this ride. [*]Wagon Wheel - SBF Visa Group Wagon Wheel to be located along the back wall of the Scooby-Doo Spooky Coaster. Due to the style of ride, no restrictions would be necessary. [*]Western Showdown - a set similar to the original Western Action Show set would be constructed within the show stage. Elements of the current Western Town Showdown show at Movie World will be merged with elements from the former Western Action Show (explosions, high falls etc). Guests can enter and exit from both sides of show stage where there are existing pathways. [*]Food outlet - to be located at the base of the Bandit with seating along the borders with the Lethal Weapon and the Bandit. post-2117-0-70494200-1328342374_thumb.jp
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Hi All, Here is my submission. I have a presentation panel plus two attachments with more detail about the specific rides and how they fit into the expanded Wild West Falls area. Sorry for the lateness, I just spent well over 2.0 hours trying to upload my jpegs..... quite frustrating... I had three files but only two seem to upload as jpeg.... I worked out that I could submit them as pdf's.....sorry for the inconvenience....I hope my entry is still valid.... :wacko:

Challenge 2 - Presentation Panel.pdf

Challenge 2 - Attachment A.pdf

Challenge 2 - Attachment B.pdf

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