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Park Attendance  

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  1. 1. When visiting a park, do you...?

    • Organise a group of friends to visit for the day (who'd go alone?)
    • Just go (who needs a group?)
    • Not go unless you can find a group

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You seem to have neglected the option of "taking your family"... I don't organise "a group", but I say to my family "Who'd like to go to @##$%^World this weekend?" (feel free to do the voice like Chevy Chase in National Lampoon's Vacation) then I drive us down the coast and take us to @##$%^World. Please add a "go as a family" or "Dad, forces us" option to make your poll more accurate.... #stropsbeendrinkinagain

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Go with a friend. Whilst going alone has its perks it just isn't as fun when you are there by yourself.

I must say that going alone is pretty awesome. You get on so many rides due to going straight to the front most of the time. However, when I last went to surfers I went twice with the mrs and once on my own.
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Hello all! long time follower, first time poster.... Last time I went to DW I took a friend who said he was keen however it turned out he was scared of all the rides so just stood around and watched me ride everything. Except the rugrats coaster which we did about 10 times as that was intense enough apparently Hardly fun, woulda prefered going by myself :-)

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I go with the wife nowadays but pre marriage / dating preferred to go on my own instead of with friends. Mainly given they were more interested in the thrill rides and I was into shows / entertainment / flat rides. Now being married the wife and I prefer to go just the two of us instead of with a group for the same reasons.

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I don't mind going on my own to somewhere new if no one else is going, and I can happily visit Disney alone if need be. But I much prefer hanging with friends at parks. We're not silly about things and if one wants to do something another doesn't we can always split for a while.

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