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Hey guys, I had a look but I couldn't find anything, so hopefully someone can help me. What's involved in working at Movie World? More specifically, as one of the face characters that walk around the park? I really wanted to work at Disney as a face character, but it's a very hard thing to aim for when living in Australia. Then I remembered that Movie World has characters as well, and my hope was restored! It's still a long shot, but still a little easier than flying halfway across the world for nothing. It would be great if someone knew whats required from the characters? Do they need to be trained actors? and is there a long audition process like Disney? If anyone gets back to me, that would be awesome!

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Check at myfuncareers.com.au, they advertise there when they have spots. Some of the characters aren't actually in the suits, so they are usually required to look somewhat like the character they are trying to portray. Also, I'm pretty sure dancing is a thing held highly when applying -- so that you're not limited to just being a character at any time and can also be in some shows, etc.

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Theres a small section in this video of whats required etc.... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ju7AEf4E6R4&list=FLajjYOaJlabGMyFLB41wJ5A&index=1&feature=plpp_video

Just about to suggest it

While on topic of Movie World employment, does anyone know what the minimum age for a job would be?

I think 14 or 15 depening
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Being a dancer is pretty vital, as most of the female roles are dance heavy. There's a bit of playing multiple roles, one day you'd be Catwomen, the next you'll be Daphne, or Bonnie, and sometimes more than one role in a day, and while there's obviously character training, they're not going to teach you how to act, ability to act and dance is pretty important. Getting a job is the same as any entertainment job, send in your show reel, get an audition, and pass that. It's obviously not as cut throat as Disney; Village don't do auditions internationally and Movie World isn't in LA, the unemployed actor capital of the world.

The current positions avaliable are on the website here:

https://www.onetest.com.au/wvtpcareers/ but like any job, there's nothing stopping you applying even if you don't see the job you want up there. If you've got the experience, and the skills, there might be work there for you. The other thing that I suggest to people who live on the Gold Coast is often getting a job in the park is a good stepping stone. Once you're in, it's a pretty easy company to move around in. I'm not sure if it's worth uprooting from Adelaide to give that a go, but if you were here anyway I'd definitely recommend it. The company is full of people in Entertainment who used to work in rides, managers who used to cook burgers, supervisors who used to work in retail and every combination in between.


Good luck with your search!

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Joz is right on the money there..... For example , in the industry that I'm aiming for , being the animal care/zoology pathway; Theres places like The Australian Reptile Park in Gosford, just north of sydney and the only way to get a paid job there outside of human food is to volunteer there, and then from that when they are hiring they have a look at your work ethics and then if they like you they hire you.... then again thats probably EVERY industry. And while your there sell your self; on sunday i worked at a certain expo to help a friend who needed people to work there for the 4 days. I did one day and put my everything into it especially the pack up of the entire thing and now they have asked me to help with such "Partay Items" (Bull, Horizontal Bungee, Gladiator, Sumo etc....) and i told the boss that i can do all sorts of other "Roadie" type work including sound and now he's probably going to send me to a few sound oriented things for the company to learn a bit more , and Bazinga, bobs your uncle i have another job.

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      DC Rivals Hypercoaster costed $30 million AUD ($20 million USD). 
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