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Attendance levels across Ardent's portfolio of theme parks -- which includes Whitewater World and Skypoint observation deck along with Dreamworld -- were down 20.3 per cent in the first half of this year.

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^I don't think DW have been that bad in recent times actually (Though I think Shockwave was $2 Mil or so they just didn't need to spend) and I think Dreamworks should do well for them. WWW I think has been allowed to languish a bit though...They were always going to be WnWs little brother right from the start, but geez, at least try.

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Dino land is at seaworld... Not owned by ardent. Unless u mean the attraction at seaworld won't bring the crowds in and they will flock to dw instead.. Dreamworld have the new dreamworks area, and seaworlds offering is spongebob parade, Dora show and dinosaurs... Ardent appear to be blaming wet weather on poor attendance...

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