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Recommendations for Luna Park, Sydney visit.

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Hi everyone. I haven't been to a theme park since I was 15 or so(almost 30 now) but I've been browsing these forums for a couple of weeks just reading old threads about Wonderland(I'm born & bred in west Sydney) and it's got me all nostalgic. I've started remembering how much I loved theme parks when I was younger. I've done the GC parks, and was even lucky enough to visit all the major parks in California when I was about 11. These places were just magical to me as a child. I only ever went to Luna Park in Syd a couple of times as a kid, and my girlfriend has actually never been! I've decided her and I need to make a visit to Luna Park for nostalgia's sake. I'm just wanting recommendations for a good day/time to visit, to avoid being overcrowded, and the most economical way to enjoy the day. Obviously a visit outside of school holidays is going to be the best time, but does it get really busy on the weekends still? Is it worth getting an unlimited rides pass? I don't really see us going on the rides more than once each, but there is no indication of individual ride prices on their website. Also, is it worth going there on a weekend night? Or does it get busy? Obviously the place always seems a little more magical at night, and the views are amazing. Sorry for the long post, but I hope some Sydney siders can give me their opinion on the best way to enjoy LPS. Thanks in advance, Ben.

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Hi Ben, Being a former sydney sider myself, i've made the odd trek to LPS. The unlimited rides pass usually does work out the best value if you plan to ride everything. You may want to do the wild mouse more than once (the views are great, plus you can try out different 'poses' on the on-ride camera. School holidays are the best time to go because they have additional rides shipped in (although most cost extra). If you want to avoid the crowd and do it all as quick as you can, a weekday afternoon evening is the better time to go, but be prepared for some things to be closed alternating. In most cases, an ordinary weekend crowd won't make the day any worse - usually queue times don't exceed one or two cycles, even for the most popular of attractions. Have fun!

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Thanks Alex, appreciate your input. Anyone been there in the last couple of months? If the queues are only a few ride cycles, like Alex says, even on weekends then a Saturday arvo/evening is seeming like a more 'atmospheric' time to visit. Gotta love all those lights and the big entrance lit-up of a night time. :) edit: I don't know if I would be too keen on the carnie rides they ship in during holidays. My mate used to be a carnie, and operated a few of the seasonal rides at LPS. If the Ops of those temporary rides are anything like him, I wouldn't want to be riding them. lol, damn carnies.

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Welcome to the boards Ben!! I have been to LPS many, many times and I am keenly interested in the history and development of the place. I feel it occupies a special place in Sydney's and indeed Australia's, cultural landscape. AlexB gives great advice. To further add to his input, I totally agree with his assesment of when to go. School holidays is absolutely the best time, with the Xmas school break being the optimum time to visit. As has been stated, they do get extra rides for these periods and most are included on the ultimate rides pass. It is not really that much busier and the influx of people gives a fantastic atmosphere to the whole place. Furthermore,LPS are in the Entertaiment book with a 25% off voucher, which is extremely good value.(if you have one or can obtain one). My favourite time ( as you have noted) is absolutely the Saturday afternoon/evening. This gives you the best of both worlds- ride in the day and then rides at night. LPS is simply a far better place to visit and ride on a balmy January evening with the lights and the sounds cascading around you. Throw in the magnificent backdrop that is the Harbour Bridge and the harbour itself, and you have a magial place indeed. This is something that the GC parks simply cannot replicate. I do give this advice with a bit of a warning , however. LPS, in its current incarnation, is simply not the place it once was.This may dilute your feelings of nostalgia and leave you feeling underwhelmed. It certainly leaves me feeling wistfully for the park it once was. The park needs some investment in rides, and a new coaster ( a small compact one ) would go a long way to returning the feel of the old park. Dont get me wrong however. The park is fairly well maintained and the Wild Mouse and Coney Island are in pretty good condition , considering their age. You will still have a great time and enjoy yourself immensely!! If you do go, drop back online and give us a quick trip report! It would be great to see your views and opinions!! Cheers :)

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Thanks Jobe and Richard.

...Saturday afternoon/evening. This gives you the best of both worlds- ride in the day and then rides at night. LPS is simply a far better place to visit and ride on a balmy January evening with the lights and the sounds cascading around you. Throw in the magnificent backdrop that is the Harbour Bridge and the harbour itself, and you have a magial place indeed. This is something that the GC parks simply cannot replicate.

I have been to a few concerts at LPS over the past 5 or 6 years(just didn't go on any rides), in the Big Top, and I must say the place is definitely quite magical at night. I think you have helped me make up my mind on which day of the week to visit.

When I think of parks in Sydney I usually think of how lucky I was to have been a Segaworld Alumni..... That was still one of my favourite days at a theme park(although it was more of a supersized arcade!).

I actually have to say I never visited Sega World and because this was my view of it aswell, just a glorified arcade. It was also a stupid place for a park. If I was going to make a day of being in Sydney, I wasn't really prepared to spend it indoors, and there's just too many things to do around Darling Harbour. I think we might make a trip there on a Saturday arvo some time in the next month or so. I'll let you all know how it goes, and how the old girl is holding up.
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One of the worst times you can go to LPS is during school hours. They run a school program where Physics and Biology year 12 students and all year 7 students travel to the park for the day. The park then gets waits that can rival the GC parks for wait time. In about 4 hours you would be lucky to get 4 rides done, unless your lucky and all students are skipping the ride.

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Cruiseship, how regularly do they have these student visits? Surely there wouldn't be enough schools in Sydney for this to occur every single school-day of the year? I guess if you rang a week before you were planning your visit, they could tell you if they had any large groups booked for the day, or do they try and keep that under their hat? Either way, I work mon-fri so I will be visiting on a weeked, but other potential visitors might want to know how to avoid these weekday 'excursions'

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