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Better yet, why not purchase lTheme Parks a Go-Go?

Movie World requested that we remove a link to their non-public development site. Though they shouldn't have had it indexed in Google and probably should have had a password on it, I think it was a fa

Lol did you ride Scooby on the night? I bet you really enjoyed the unique night time experience of an indoor coaster.

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Went through them all last year and within every maze our group split up at least once (someone gets a scare and drops their hands off the shoulders of the person in front, happened all the time) never got told off, but in saying that you don't really want to be the leader so you usually hurry up and rejoin. What I did notice is that if your group is spending too long to move through a section the actors will hurry the group along (with a scare usually) Really looking forward to this years event!

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And does every maze come with a pre-show thing like how the Zombie Apocalypse had the room with the zombie guy standing watching you as the other zombie circled the group telling the rules? Does any mazes not do that? I know no one really knows about this years mazes but like in the past?

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Sudden Impact were involved in last years event and the year before also... If you look closely you can spy props from previous years mazes, past attractions, old shows, all sorts of things. You'd be amazed what gets pulled together to build these highly themed attractions. Of course they would keep all of these items. It's quite fascinating what goes into this kind of unique construction as its a delicate balance of movie set detail level, sturdiness to last the month and budget as the attraction only lasts a month and isnt permanent. The small teams that build the attractions have huge attention to detail and really put a lot of love into what they do. I can't say anything of this years mazes other than they are some of the best yet seen and should surprise a lot of people.

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Does anyone know if the zombies this year will look different then past years and more like the ones from the Walking Dead show and maze at Universal? Or will they be doing the random footballer, bridesmaid etc?

Wouldn't the people who know that level of detail not be allowed to talk about it?......jussayin.
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According to Jordan on Movie World's Facebook page the mazes are likely to be located at... Physco 3D - Scooby (duh), Hillbilly Slasher - Show Stage, Walking Dead - Soundstage 1 and Film Vault - Soundstage 2. If I had to guess the locations i would've guessed those. You can tell that Hillbilly Slasher would be in the Show Stage as Shrek Live and Arkham Asylum both had that bush theme to it (no pun intended).

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D: I'm really excited about this Fright Night, considering that I must be living under a rock, or something, because this is the first I've ever heard of MW doing them. But, oh my god, zombies. I will die if this is not perfect. I'm wondering if this is the sort of thing you go in a group to? 'Cause so far I'm thinking it'd just be me and the boyfriend.

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