Theme Park in Western Sydney

Theme Park in Western Sydney  

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  1. 1. Do you want a Theme Park like Wonderland Sydney in Western Sydney again

    • Yes I do. Sydney needs another Theme Park but better then Wonderland Sydney
    • No I don't.

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Unfortunately, I have to agree with RWC on this one Lemmit - a water park with a cohesive theme throughout would be considered a theme park. If it were just bare steel towers, with plain slides leading to a plain splashdown pool, with sunlounges and grass - that'd be a plain water park... But once you give the area a theme, landscape it, give the slides names with a relevant theme also... then you're a theme park... Take WnW for example - H20zone is their extreme thrill slide area - with Kamikaze, Tornado, Black Hole etc. Whitewater Mountain - which is four slides... oddly enough, on a mountain... And White Water World - with slides such as the B.R.O. (which is themed to look like a Blue Ringed Octopus)... Now if you compare this to say - the old Mt Druitt WaterWorks - they were all a bunch of slides that led to splashdown pools, and that was about it... THAT is a waterpark. WnWS is most definitely going to be a themed water park. At the end of it all though, what you intended to ask was whether we would see any themed amusement parks in Sydney, rather than themed water parks, and most normal people would take your meaning from that and discuss your intended topic. Your fault for not being specific enough, and RWC's fault for being a nitpicker.

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but is that in the west? or North? or where?

Fail, the article already posted about the Chinese park actually says the direction it is from Sydney and the distance. Read it again. Then, put the location stated in the article into Google Maps and you'd be able to get the place. The last time I was actually on the ground in Sydney (Not just changing planes) was 10 years ago. Problem? Edited by Gazza

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The Chinese park is going in Warnervale. its about 2 hours (including traffic) drive North from the CBD and 2.5 hours from the Airport (its closer to Newcastle then Sydney). Its about 14km from the coast and just off the F3 (the freeway going from Sydney to Newcastle). Easy way to find where it is being built is to type in Warnervale Airport into Google maps. I think the area is in between the airport and the industrial area since North of Sparks Road is farms and to the East of the Airport is swamp which causes flooding even with just a sprinkle of rain, hence why the school (Lakes Grammar) is built with two different sites with an a link road (which constantly floods). So it wont go there unless they plan to do some serious work.

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