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Just wondering if anyone is going to head to the Movie World pyjama party next Friday? Tickets are only $35 each with some of the proceeds going to support foster kids. Some rides appear to be open til 930 and indoor rides til 1030 but not sure on the exact line up. WWF is obviously closed. Sounds like it will be a fun night apfor a worthy cause!

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I attended Movieworld on Friday evening for their Pyjama Party event and what a great success it was! With the park feeling very deserted indeed, most rides were a walk-on except for Superman Escape and Batwing. Needless to say I gave these rides a miss and decided to check out the rst of the park. Before Friday I was a Green Lantern virgin so I was pleased to note that the audio worked on my first and only ride. It really adds to the ride and i love a good dramatic score! Scooby was up and running even though it is currently down for repairs. Arkham was smooth, and the joker VoiceOver on the lift hill was up and running, but unfortunately my seat on the back left had a crackly speaker. Some thoughts on the night. - security was out in force... Everywhere you turned there was a security chap hanging about - the only characters I saw were Tweety, Bugs. Daffy and Batman. Tweety and Bugs were decked out in pyjamas - the park is DARK at night. Apart from Main Street, the whole park was actually quite hard to navigate. While half of the kids WB zone was open , everything from Sam Train back was closed and there was hardly any lighting in this area at all. Felt a little bit spooky! - Green Lantern spent the night in darkness, as did Arkham. I liked riding Arkham in the pitch black - it adds to the ride. - I would love to know the number of riders churning through Justice League. it seems to be hidden from the general public... The ride supervisor looked grumpy as every time i rode.... no wait time, and never anyone in the queue. i think they need signage aka the joker at Arkham pointing to the entrance! - justice League is a lot more fun to ride with the audio working. Movieworld is by far my favroritred park on the coast, and to experience it at night with no wait times was well worth the effort. i really hope the evening was successful as a fundraiser and thanks to Movieworld for once again being great hosts! IMG_6573_zps868e43c2.jpg IMG_6574_zps2eeb7486.jpg IMG_6595_zpsd5fe4737.jpg IMG_6580_zpsce0f9088.jpg IMG_6596_zpsc252c173.jpg IMG_6597_zpsb5546125.jpg IMG_6610_zps8a1a1a06.jpg IMG_6614_zpsca26b281.jpg IMG_6627_zpsfd2a6ad5.jpg IMG_6646_zpsa252df32.jpg

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