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Something strange happens to me when i ride roller coasters..

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Sorry for posting this in the wrong section, but it seems this is the only active part of the forum at the moment.

Anyway, i have always been able to ride roller coasters when i was younger, without a problem at all.

but since visiting the gold coast 2 years ago and being older ( 20 years old ) something strange happens

when going through loops/sharp turns.. I noticed it first when riding Superman for the first time, after the launch and

the first bend, i got a strange pressure in my forehead and it felt like i was about to get a blood nose,

i ignored it and thought Whatever, anyway.. I went on lethal weapon.. same thing happened when passing

through the loops! It almost felt like my head was going to explode.. this never happened to me in my younger years? (12 years old)

Then a few months ago, i went to dreamworld and the SAME thing happend to me when going through the second inversion of cyclone.

Head pressure between eyes, blood nose type feeling. This is SO scary because im planning on visiting Cedar Point in a few years

and im scared it will be MUCH worse when riding more intense roller coasters.

What im trying to say is, has this happend to anyone else before? or does anyone know what this might be?

Im completely healthy and fit (Although i DO smoke and drink alcohol) Thanks guys and sorry to be posting in the wrong part! Hope yall can help.


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Yeah check up with the doc is definitely recommended - you may have an as yet undiagnosed condition.

A lot of 'coaster-deaths' reported worldwide are thoroughly investigated, and a lot of the time are as a result of a pre-existing and sometimes undiagnosed condition... it might be disappointing if you can't go on some of the awesome rides that cedar point have, but better safe than sorry! (or dead)

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