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Costumes at Movie World

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So, I am a huge fan of costumes and any excuse to dress up is a good excuse. I know Disney doesn't like adults to dress up in costumes as it can confuse guests as to who is the real face character and who is just a guest in a costume, but I can't find any information about costumes in Movie World. Do they prevent entry if you are dressed in a costume? I was planning on a costume I have never seen at MW and I'm not sure if it makes a difference or not, but I obviously don't think its a good idea to impersonate one of their main face characters like Batman or Catwoman.

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A while back, they used to allow people in costumes without restriction.

They had a few problems (as stated above) where people were confused over who was staff and who was guest. It also caused issues when people were attempting to gain entry using passes containing photo ID, as heavy face makeup did not allow for good facial recognition.

Simple (not elaborate) costumes, appropriate to a family environment (yes - children do attend these things) are generally allowable. Light face makeup (scars, a little blood here and there) is usually ok. Full-face-paint etc is unacceptable.

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I had the same question about 2 weeks ago. I called Movie World regarding costumes, props and make-up. They said costumes are encouraged and props are okay as long as they cannot be used as a weapon (eg. I asked if I could bring a walking stick and they said okay as long as it didn't have a sharp point on it). They said no heavy make-up would be allowed. They said they need to be able to distinguish between guests and staff. They said some light make-up was appropriate. I am not sure how they would police what is and isn't 'light'.

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