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I was thinking the other day, how exactly does a wave pool work? I did some searching and found out the basics which I sort of understand, I have to say those massive holes at the back really unsettle me, as much as I love wave pools.

It appears as though there are 2 different systems, an older system using compressed air and a system Disney uses at Typhoon Lagoon where they fill tanks with water at the back of the pool and then a trap door opens to let all the water out.

I was just curious as to what system WnWGC uses compared to WWW and what we will see at WnWS, or if anyone could provide more insight on the systems? I sort of understand the basics but don't completely understand how they work yet.

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I'm almost certain WnWGC uses the 'compressed air' method by use of large fans.

Top of my head, I think WWW is as well.

There are actually more than two 'methods' - including the two styles you refer to, as well as waves created using large paddles, as well as an 'accordion' type.

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Thanks for the info, I guessed with the age of WnWGC's wave pool I assumed it would use compressed air, because the other methods, well at least the wave pool at Typhoon Lagoon seems like it is a newer method.

I thought maybe WWW might use a different system since they claim their waves can be surfed.

Does anyone know what system WnWS will use?

Another question, while they holes at the back of the pool look pretty freaky, who else thinks that? How safe are the systems, and is one safer than the other?

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Safety wise - anyone with common sense can answer that...

They're all perfectly safe, provided the right precautions are taken - I notice that usually WnWGC keeps people away from the back wall with a rope (mainly so they only need one lifeguard on each side), but with the right number of lifeguards, and an appropriate 'safety zone' from the back wall, I can't see that any particular type would be saferless safer than the other...

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