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Disney overhauls queues and fastpass for handicapped.

5 posts in this topic article today - Disney overhauling their 'Fastpass' System to include a process for Disabled guests, thereby preventing the previous 'head of the line' process for people with a disability.

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Having been through two disney parks with a person with a mobility impairment, the discussion within my family has been quite interesting.

On the one hand, we feel that the lengths Disney goes to to ensure that everyone can ride, and do so as quickly as possible is amazing, and to be commended. At the same time it is hard for them to control the system to prevent abuse.

We saw many people utilising the mobility wheelchair gates who weren't. Now before I get flamed - i'm not talking about 'invisible' or 'mental' disabilities. As the article mentions, I understand issues like autistic guests who can't wait in line. The proposed system which is similar to fastpass is a good one for some high popularity attractions.

GAP (or Guest Assistance Passes) have different categories, from 'can wait in line' to 'load immediately' (note: not the actual words written on the pass, just it's meaning). These passes can be obtained by approaching town hall, and telling them you need one. no evidence is required or requested, and i think this is where they've gotten themselves into trouble - they've been TOO sensitive to the needs of the differently abled.

During our time in Disneyland, we were able to knock most of the fantasyland rides on the head one after another because the wheelchair entry was a walk-on. Obviously they cater to those needs, but they are rarely used. It's the big ones like Space and Big Thunder that really need better control.

Personally, I think the biggest problem with the system is a mobility impaired or otherwise disabled guest can take up to 8 people along with them. I think if those numbers were curtailed - say the wheelchair and one mindercarer, the system would be a lot fairer, and it would also eliminate this problem they seem to have with 'disabled tourguides'. If there is more than one (or maybe two) persons with them, then they should approach a cast member, and obtain a ticket of some time either to return as one party and be 'backdoored', or the remainder of their party should queue as normal, and advise the cast member when they reach the front that they have a wheelchair (or similar) outside.

Even space mountain (which has it's own 'disabled' train which can seat 16) shouldn't allow a party of 8 to come on as part of the disability queue. In the same time that one disabled person and 8 friends can ride, they could put through say 4 wheelchairs with minder - which would also make the disabled queue move faster too.

In the case of those who physically can't wait (in line or outside the queuehouse) then it should just be the 'fastpass' type system... either way i'm not sure their current proposal is the best solution.

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