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New Dreamworld Tiger Show

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It is still to be announced by the park, but info came in today about a new Tiger Presentation at Dreamworld, so a quick google search confirmed it was in the works.,25 Incase it is removed from the website, here is the article.

Mark Eady 15 May 13 The current Tiger Behavioral Presentation was created by Ozworks Entertainment back in 2003. So a decade later the older cats that were the stars of that original presentation are now moving into retirement. It's time for the new generation of cubs to step up and be the stars of the new Tiger Island Presentation in 2014. I have just begun work with the Tiger Island staff on a "Conditioning" program that will prepare the cats for a sustainable Tiger Behavioral presentation in 2014. Before that can happen the young cats need to be conditioned to demonstrate thier natural behaviors "On Cue". The current Tiger Presentation will be replaced by December 2013 with a "Conditioning Presentation" featuring the young cats. Then late 2014 the new Tiger Show will be launched. Details of the new show are not to be released just yet but let's just say technology will feature strongly in the new show.

What do we think? Has the current tiger presentation run it's course?

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I think that what Dreamworld do during the Tiger Show is good, as it shows some of their natural behaviour. I have only watched it a couple times in this 10 years, but I do think that it would be time to create a new show.

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10 years is a good run. I'd like to see something else come in - talk of technology is interesting, but i'm not sure an animal show with a conservation message needs 'technology'. Hearing that conjures up lighting effects, smokefog, etc for me - i'm not quite sure what other technology they'd bring in?

Let's recap the current show:

  • get on your mark
  • drink some milk
  • drink some milk up really high
  • show their teeth
  • climb the rope-wrapped pole
  • jump across the gap
  • jump over the log
  • jump over the log together for big photo finish
  • sit around in the enclosure with a microphone and answer questions at other times...

I'm all for natural behaviour, and the conservation message, but every time i've caught the show, it is EXACTLY the same, while it's great to see the cats, and to see what they can do, (as well as the fact that they may not be able to change it up because of the animals routine), i'd like to see them have a little more variety in the show, so you occasionally see something different.

In contrast, the Imagine Dolphin show does things differently in each show. It does follow the same loose format, (and you may see 20 shows in a row that are identical) but the trainers will frequently cue different behaviours depending on which animal they are working with, and what kind of 'mood' they've picked up on - if the dolphin is in a bad mood, they'll sometimes hold that animal back from the big stunts and let the others who aren't cranky do the finish - meaning sometimes you'll get a huge 4 animal acrobatic finale, and sometimes 3. Sometimes they'll fly over the rubber ducky, and sometimes they'll just do a big aerial flip all together.

My point is, on the same day, you could see imagine twice, and still not know whats coming next. For me, Tiger Island is just repetitive, which doesn't really encourage repeat visits, except to see the animals being natural.

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Baru & Ravi graduate to their very own show on Tiger Island

Dreamworld is pleased to announce a brand new live show at Tiger Island starring 18-month-old brothers Baru & Ravi. The boys are growing up so fast, and are ready to start playing with the big cats - but not without going through some training first!

Guests at Dreamworld have been delighted to watch these beautiful tigers grow from newborn cubs to the grand 130kg cats that they are today. Since their birth in March 2012, Baru and Ravi have single-handedly contributed over $100,000 to the Dreamworld Wildlife Foundation through their exclusive in-person experiences with guests including morning Tiger Walks and photo opportunities.

Al Mucci, Dreamworld's General Manager Life Sciences says, "We are so proud of our boys and everything that they have already achieved for our breeding and awareness program at Dreamworld. With the live Tiger Island presentations among the most popular attractions that Dreamworld have to offer, it will be a wonderful experience for our guests to watch Baru and Ravi learning how to play on the island like the older cats."

Craig Davidson, Dreamworld's CEO says, "Everything we do on Tiger Island is with the ultimate goal of educating the public on the plight of tigers in the wild. The Tiger Island experiences are not only an inspiring chance to get close to such majestic yet threatened animals, but are also one of the most valuable contributors to worldwide funding for tiger conservation through the Dreamworld Wildlife Foundation."

Cub College with Baru & Ravi will start from Boxing Day.

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Really? I saw a story on channel 7, and it seemed to imply that they were having difficulty in teaching the desired behaviours.

That said it didn't look any different - so far they're teaching them the same behaviours the adults have been doing for years... climbing the pole, jumping between the two pillared stands (one of them refuses) and leaping into the air to catch a reward.

They were using wrapped christmas present boxes as target spots - one of them kept taking them into the pool and sogging up the wrapping paper everywhere..

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