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Fright Night at Dreamworld

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See this article on what I'm guessing may become a more common occurance at Dreamworld, with the emphasis being put on less capital-intensive ways to attract guests to the park. Anyone happen to know the significance of April 16? It's Easter break and all, but other than that my best guess was Full Moon, but that doesn't work, unless they accidently looked at the 2003 charts.

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Has Dreamworld ever held an event like this before? I think this will work very well for Dreamworld, however I'm a little concerned on wether people would pay around $15 for 3 hours in the park (assuming it closes at 10pm). Wouldn't it be more logic to start Fright Night at around 6 or 5pm, particularly for a state that does not have daylight savings? Regardless, it'd be great to ride those rides at night, especially Giant Drop & ToT.

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Perhaps it is starting at 7 because it gives the park plenty of time to clear guests out (park closes at 5.30 on that particular day) and have it all done by 6. Then there is time to clean up, set up, and have it all ready to go by 7. It sounds like it is mainly because Tomb Raider is coming to an end, but it will be a great night. For those who are wondering whether it will be busy? It will be PACKED. 3 Hours won't be enough.

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