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Tips and Tricks with the Parks

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Hey everyone, just wondering what everyone's tips and tricks about the parks are? They could be anything, from getting shorter queue times to getting the best experience. My personal (and not really that special) tip is to go on rides during show times. At MW, I've gotten a 15 minute wait for Scooby and a walk-on for Wild West Falls during the morning sessions of HSD during the school holiday period. So what are you tips to a better day out at the parks?

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I just spent 3 days at Movieworld over the past 2 weeks. We were getting there at 9.45am and lining up at the Superman line, but when they opened the line up we would go straight to Arkham rather then Superman Escape as EVERYONE else would go to SE first. Green Lantern straight after that and then walk up to Wild West Falls to walk straight on there. We found that you could do SE at any time of the day as the line moved pretty quickly as they were running 2 cars. As for Scooby Doo, well we just lined up for that.

There were certainly plenty of people at Movieworld each day, but we didn't miss out on anything at all.

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We did Dreamworld 3 times and got the Q4U for two of those days. The second time we got it we only needed it for TT2 and Thunder River. The rest of the rides were almost walk straight on. Riding The Claw in the rain was great fun too!!

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1. Don't go in the holidays except in the week before christmas.


1. Do Arkham first.

2. If going superman be willing to go by yourself.

3. Scooby is walk on from 4 on off peak weekdays and Saturdays.

4. Do WWF in the morning after Arkham or the late afternoon if you're willing to get wet.

5. Batwing is great for getting a single rider seat when the queues are long.

6. The last week before Christmas is great for short queues.

7. Don't do permanent attractions at fright nights because you can get on them with 15 min queues during white Christmas.

8. On busy days have and early or late lunch as the queues are shorter during the lunch rush.

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