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Dreamworld Promotional Video From 1986!

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I have absolutely no recollection of 'The Village Green', but I remember the rest. When did the alpine mountain get demolished? (amazing, with all the other stuff still standing). Was that in the general vicinity of where Dreamworks is situated now? There was also no footage of the rapid ride, was this built after this time? I'm positive it was 1988 when I went on it.

Anyone know what happened to all the animatronics in Gum Tree Gully?

It seemed very well themed - and there seemed to be a huge amount of entertainers in the park.

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I remember the Dreamworld 4, bushrangers holding up the train, the policeman asking for license on the Model-T Fords, next to where the Wipeout is used to have something similar to the Stingray but larger and themed as a card deck/roulette wheel.

So many fond memories of the place and I think that is why so many of us are so hard on it in its current state. It was an "Australian Disneyland". It had the themed sections of the park where you walked from one area into another and you could have flown around the world or through time it felt so real and well presented. Now everything overflows into every other area and sections don't seem as well defined anymore.

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The ride you are thinking of was actually called the "Roulette". It had a casino theme. It was rethemed to the "Stingray" when the area got rethemed to "Ocean Parade". The Gold Rush Country area opened in 1986 with Thunder River Rapids and the Mine Ride. Most likely this area was under construction during the time the video was made.

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