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Queensland Trip Review

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Some thoughts after a recent trip to the Gold Coast and the theme parks.



Up and about as a park. Storm is obviously a great addition, as is the polar bear section. Looking around at the additions to the park in the last 10 years or so, Shark Bay, Stingrays, Castaway Bay, Penguins etc and it is a real credit to the management.

Blown away by the amount of space 'reclaimed'. Will easily house gorillas, hippos etc and you could picture how it will look great and work in the park.


The rollercoaster looks sick. Large sections of scaffolding.

The Dolphin and Seal shows are great but gee they could do with a freshen up. I know the animals performance is limited but even a change of script would be good.

Movie World


Does everything pretty well, the rides are all solid and enjoyable.

The new stunt show is a seriously good show in terms of stunts.


If you are a family with kids too big for Looney Tunes rides and too small for thrill rides there is bugger all to do.

Scooby, WWF, Justice League (Road runner was shut) and Dodge Ems.

The Wild West show is bizarrely tacky. Jokes about dick size, rape and violence against women are just out of place in a family environment (or most environments).

Ditto comments on Sea World re live shows in Main St.

Wet n Wild

Really is a great park with heaps to do for everyone. Arguably the best value park out of the 3.

We filled a solid 5 hours non-stop without repeating anything.


Those 4 green slides take miles too long to send the next person down. Most rides were walk on, they had a half hour wait because of the excessive waiting between riders.

Was also the first time staying at Sea World Resort and I have to say it is exceptionally overrated.

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yep - the addition of the 've' is just to indicate that it is positive or negative, and not a mathematical instruction.

Re: the western show, i've only seen it the once, but I found it filled with double entendres and innuendo, but nothing crude at a level children would understand - the point is - if everything is PC and PG, so it's suitable for all ages, most age groups won't enjoy the show - eg: the Looney Tunes shows like What's Up Rock or the Christmas special shows they've done in the past.

Take a look at some of the more popular animations in recent times - Shrek and Kung Fu Panda - both of which are considered children's movies, but they contain many subtle (and not so subtle) jokes by Mike Myers and Jack Black - the point is that the humor keeps the adults amused, while the high-pitched voices of the animated animals keeps the kids occupied...

Of course if they've changed the script since I saw it, and the innuendo is less subtle, perhaps it needs a review.

Re: Sea World Resort - i've always seen it just as the old version of the Disneyland Hotel marketed as a 5 star, but treated like a 3 star, SWR is a natural place for families to stay while visiting the parks, but unfortunately, the park still charges like a 5 star.

I was married at SWR, and feel like we got really good value for what we paid, but it isn't always the way. The best way to stay at SWR is on a special offer or style booking (or have someone else pay for it). I do however think they designed the presidential suites very well - but the rest of the resort needs a lift to the 'next level'.

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