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Rainbow's End - New Ride

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So this skipped under the radar...

Looks to be a Zamperla Discovery (?) aka fully inverting Gyro Swing. Will certainly add a new element to the park, especially if they have the chance to operate it at night.

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Nice!! This looks like a nice little park with some great features- the Gold Mine coaster looks pretty interesting!!! They just need a new coaster to give them a litke more international attention and this would be a park well worth visiting!! Excellent news about the new addition!

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Being a daily Kiwi lurker, I think now is my time to post:

Exciting news for NZ thrill park fans!

Rainbows End is terrible even by Australian Theme Park standards (am I allowed to call them that?..), but it does have a few rides which would keep "moderate thrill seekers" happy, namely:

  • Original Arrow Looper Corkscrew - exactly the same as the one at Sea World, but with original white track, and original rainbow coloured train.
  • Fear Fall - 18 storey Intamin drop tower. No where near Giant Drop size, but big enough to "feel the force" and scare weak people away.
  • Zamperla Powersurge - pretty good flat ride, and what I reckon might replace Reef Diver @ Dreamworld (fits the space and has a similar skyline appeal).
  • Gold Rush - mine train rollercoaster, vaguely similar to Eureka. Actually a pretty good ride for what it is. Has a bit of "theming" in the dark sections, and a few "tricks".
  • Invader - Zamperla disk'o identical to Shockwave @ Dreamworld.
  • Log ride - better than Dreamworlds, worse than WWF. Actually has theming (take note DW), but it goes from pirates to an enchanted forest so it doesn't really make much sense (expect 6 pages of posts to follow discussing whether its pirate themed, or enchanted forest themed Parkz people..)
  • Pirate Ship - non inverting similar to what Sea World used to have.

And a few other rides, including a kids area with kids coaster, and 2 go kart tracks (yes 2!!).

Definitely adds to the lineup as they now have 3 inverting rides. Any new ride is good news in my books when theres only 1 theme park in the country you live in!

Oh - I just spent another 15 days on the GC thrashing the theme parks, so I should probably post a bit about my (mis) adventures...

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