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2015 VIP Pass

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Well it seems like I was on the money (to be fair though, it was too obvious a concept for them not to do it) - from the Carnivale thread:

To answer your first question though - up the price of the VIP for next year, sell it early (like start advertising it NOW), and include Carnivale in the deal for Gold pass ie:

"Upgrade your VIP pass to gold for the 2014-15 season for just $139.95, and get one night's free admission to White Christmas, Hallowe'en Fright Nights AND the all new Carnivale - coming to MovieWorld this JuneJuly."

(I can't remember what I paid last year, because Gold was a free upgrade - but if it was around that - then add another $30 on to the pricetag. Pretty sure with three night-time events, everyone who has used the free FN or WC tickets in the past would see the value in an extra night for an extra $30 or so)

Not only is it a good marketing hook, but it'll get more pass sales on the books before end of financial year (something Dreamworld has been pushing of late with their world pass - upgrade before June 30 and get THIRTEEN months instead of 12)

And I received this text this morning from "Movie World"

Renew your VIP pass now for $99.99 & get Gold & Carnivale FREE. Plus buy 3, get 1 FREE! Hurry ends June 30. Call 133386.

I assume a text-blast just went out to the entire VIP (or VIP Gold) membership. It's a nice deal, and i'm certainly taking it up - effectively they've just given me another night event for no extra cost... I would have liked to see them up the price for the pass though - it's still insanely good value even if it's $150...

(Edit: Just saw the renewal details went out earlier as per the posts in the off-topic thread... still think the VIPs need a thread to discuss them as they do come up with quite a few variations through the year...)

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I didn't get no email? were heading out to mw today will prob be the last time for a while since our passes run out next month and can't afford to renew right now. anyway we'll wait till they add a few more rides :P

Well if you didn't get no email, does that mean you got some email? ;)

Nobody said it was an email - I did say (twice) that it was a text message. Perhaps you didn't provide them with your current mobile number?

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Renewal site is online. As previously revealed by text $99.99 renewals including all 3 events and Buy 3 Get 1 Free.

Renew your VIP Pass to the new VIP Magic Pass before June 30 and receive a FREE upgrade to a Gold VIP Magic Pass.
Make all your wishes come true with unlimited entry to Warner Bros. Movie World, Sea World and Wet’n’Wild Gold Coast until 30 June 2015, PLUS you can also renew 3 passes and get the 4th renewal FREE.
The Gold VIP Magic Pass includes one free entry into each of Movie World’s amazing evening events so you can join the party at Carnivale on selected nights this June, survive the night at Fright Nights and experience the joy of White Christmas.
Hurry, this amazing offer ends 30 June 2014!
Children aged 3yrs and above require a ticket to enter the theme parks. If your child is turning 3yrs before your VIP Magic Pass expires, you may like to consider purchasing a ticket for them. New VIP Magic Passes will be available soon. Your existing VIP Pass can continue to be used for admission once renewed. A VIP Magic Pass is not transferable once issued or redeemable for cash and cannot be used with any other offer. A surcharge of 1.5% applies to all American Express and Diners Card transactions.

Yeah the thing is I revived a free VIP pass and was wondering if I could upgrade it to gold. If not I guess I have a VIP pass that hasn't been claimed yet for sale. (Not at full price Obviously)

I had a promotional/free VIP Pass once, it could not be upgraded to Gold for any cost.

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Anyone have any information on the VIP Magic Pass? It's just shown up on theme parks.com.au within the day and there's absolutely nothing of use about it on the site.

Make all your wishes come true with unlimited entry to Warner Bros. Movie World, Sea World and Wet’n’Wild Gold Coast until 30 June 2015. The new VIP Magic Pass is coming soon, if you're a current VIP Pass holder you can renew now!

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paving the way for next year's "Q156 VIP Gold Magic super special platinum world discovery passport spectacular 'nWild stunt driver heli-pass, giving you unlimited entry to SW, WnW, DW, MW, WnWS (by helicopter), plus discounts on fuel, shopping, mobile phone credit, free entry to outback spectacular, free pit-pass, free lunch at Rick's, accommodation at Sea World Resort, and a seat in the Senate at the next election.

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We'll it appears that the VIP Pass has changed name to the VIP Magic Pass. There's nothing different, other than the base offering including entry to Carnivale. Also, they now offer the Platinum VIP Magic Pass also includes all the goodies from Gold, but also includes entry to Wet 'n' Wild Sydney for the season. Not sure how useful it would be, seeing that over 80% of the offerings are for the GC, but I'm sure some will buy it.

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Hey guys I didn't renew my pass last year but looking to get one again...

It's obviously too late for carnivale but I will definitely go to white christmas and halloween nights.

What happens to the current pricing (4 gold VIP for $299) after June 30?

Do they go up, down or do you just miss out on the extra nights?


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