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Aussie World Expansion


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Aussie World have posted this on their facebook page.

Aussie World is expanding with 3 awesome new rides and attractions opening really soon! If YOU could choose one thing for us to build, what would it be?

Hopefully they put in decent things to challenge the major parks.

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Just a drive by of Aussie World today and found this in the car park. Looks like some kind of Kiddie Coaster. I could be wrong and would be happy to be corrected. Just thought you might like the photos. Couldn't find any shipping labels. Happy to see Aussie World continue to increase the number of rides. Will have another look next weekend.




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^ It was in the thread titled Pinfari Coaster and Wave Swinger for Aussie World, found here:

Just casually browsing Sunshine Coast council PD online I stumbled across this:


A Pinfari could be anything really http://www.pinfari.com/models.html

Could be a small as a big apple/wacky worm coaster, right through to something the size of Metropolis as LPM. They also make a couple of models featuring a single inversion.

So we know we are getting a Pinfari Coaster, and a new attraction in the Town Hall. Do you think they are counting the Wave Swinger as the 3rd ride? As it is already in operation, but strangely there hasn't really been anything said about it, and there is no mention of it on their website.

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Yuck, I was hoping the whole Pinfari thing was just a rumor.

Well, I guess one of their regular sitdowns could be fairly popular, and a wacky worm would be good for kids. I just hope, for the sake of everyone's physical health, that it's not one of those Pinfari looping deathtraps.

My possibly unrealistic dream addition for Aussie World is still a decent compact coaster, like a standard model Eurofighter or a GCI Bigfun. Both are fairly expensive, but not completely out of the park's budget if they are willing to save. Both would be extremely exciting additions to the park, and a GCI Bigfun would be unique to Australia as being the country's only "proper" wooden coaster (non scenic railway or wild mouse).

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All rides that Aussie World has just purchased are all 2nd hand and have been refurbished. The new attraction taken over the funny bone flicks will feature a mini walk through attraction featuring darkness and lights. In the future there is ideas floating around with management about a waterslides over near the new roller coaster that will be placed (Aussie Slide) in regards to annual passes it's not on the books due to attendance.

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Aussie World Facebook has announced that the Wave Swinger will be open these holidays. Riders must be 130cms to able to ride. They have named the ride 'Ballroom Blitz'

Pictures below


Been informed that the ride is now open to public! :)

130cm hey. Maybe dreamworld is getting a wave swinger.

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