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Adventure Land (RCT3)

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This is my new theme park rct3. I will put a story line with progress with this park. Please tell me any ride or things i should include.

This is the story line.

So i drive home from work to notice this new area has a small park. This place is getting built. I cant wait to see more.

At the moment there is just a car park with the entrance building in the early stages. ( This is set in 1960)



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I will try not to because I'm someone who build parks on this until on the game there 40 years old & full to the limit. I will bring more tonight.

So anyway its been a week since i have been passed the construction site. I noticed a few things have happened. The entrance building has more added. I will try & get more construction pictures A.S.A.P.

Please leave comments on some rides people think would suite this park.


Hear are the photos.

This is the new entrance building.


This one shows the small car park.


So its been another week & i decided to head down to see the construction update

There is some scaffolding around the entrance for the final features.


They have expanded the car park as you can see in the top left corner.


You can see the extra car park laid in the top of the frame.


Construction is in full speed. I will try to get some updaters next week.

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I wouldn't expect to see concrete barriers beside the walkway like that.

Also, lets get immersive, pics from ground level. (might be easier if you drive the buggy around)

As for rides,

give me zombies, a fully done train, and a good use of a heartline coaster

and if you don't already know about it, http://www.customscenerydepot.com/cslist/index.php

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So i have gone passed again & the scaffold has been removed & car park lines laid. I have also noticed that there is a structure going up at the back of the park. Maybe an indoor spin & spew. There also is more carpark being laid.

Car park over view. Also containing construction equipment.


Dirt for more car park to be laid.


Ticket booth now with no scaffold.


New building possible to house a new sling & spew.


These shots where taken before you told me about the angles.

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  • 2 weeks later...

I decided to rebuild this park due to the fact that he kept crashing before i did anything. I am starting from scratch.

As I'm searching online and i notice this, "We will be producing some new amazing rides never seen in Bali before. We want to raise the bar with the best things at our park.


Park expected to start construction 1965

opening day: 1970

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Its opening day so i decided to go into the park and have a look. I think its good value for $2,00 per a person. Thats only because only 2 rides are built with the hotel and some food outlets.

As i walk into the park all exited i notice there is some road blocked of.


This is the view of the office and entrance.


This is the new thrill ride. IT was purchased second hand. I try the ride out its a nice thrill ride.


After being sick from the other ride i decide to relax in the theatre. It was a short que now but before they had to use the extra switch back que down the left hand side.


After finishing the rides and having lunch i decide to cheek out the hotel because my best friend was staying there.


I love the fact that this park has a separate entrance and exit building.


In between the entrance and exit is the main office building for staff.


This is the view out my friends hotel window.


This is a close up of the ride that was the best.


So i decide to leave. I also enjoyed the new hotel it was fancy and a great place to stay.

The park may be small but hope it grows in the coming years. Its a great start to 1970

I hope 1971 throws some more new news.

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So anyway hear we go:

The new roller coster was just plunked at the back. This ride was bought to try and recover them because they where financially in the hole. But they could not afford to keep the park. However the roller coster is built with out any proper theming extra. So i hope the new ownership does something about it. The new owner ship is by Wisdom industries which own a construction company. So hopefully we see some new things happening. As the winter is coming in 3 months.


(New update coming soon. So please tell me your thoughts)

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So Construction equipment has arrived on sight with some new changes to the park. A lot has happened with the news owners. No work has been made to their Wooden roller coster at the back. There looking for people with talent to run a show in the new proposed thearter. So i thought because i am a Illusionist and escape artist i should apply for the job.( I am a Magician in real life F.Y.I) Fingered crossed i get the job.

As you can see there is a new construction office built in the car park with machinery in the background.


This is the new Ice Cream store.


The car park has had some re sealing and new lines marked out to allow Disabled parking.


The new ticket booth.


Edited by Tim Dasco
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So It been 1 month and here is the new construction update. I head down to drop of the audition form. The old park is not to open till next season at the earliest. There is some really great changes being made. Snow is expected to come in 1 month. Please can people respond.

In the parking lot is a load of equitment.


In this picture the large building in the middle of the photo is the stage. In front of that is the Ice cream stall. To the left on the car park is the construction office.


The old western show is being covered in wood and tarps. The shade cloths are down.


Hear is the New office building for the owner and staff.


The entrance is covered with wood for the winter coming up in 1 month.


Here is the new theatre building over view.


Edited by Tim Dasco
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So i get to go in for my formal audition where i perform my act on stage. The building is done and they are boarding the whole area up for the winter.

The whole western show has been boarded up. I heard that it might be replaced before opening.


The offices where getting boarded up and winter prof.


Entrance being winter profed


As you can see the taller building is the stage behind that is the seating building and behind that is the cue line. At the very front is the park office.


The facades for the new state of the art theatre i might be performing in.


Please tell me what you think.

Thanks Tim

Winter has arrived. Oh and i got the job which gives me a 6 year rights to perform on the stage and i can do escapes & tricks around the place. So i will start to bring my show in during the winter to rehearse threw the of season. Anyway here is a construction update,

The new fountain is built and being tested now.


The sky line from car park. The construction equipment has headed of with other things away.


Snow covered the grass area.


Show is boarded up looks like it will stay. More competition.


View from the theatre top to old area.


Thanks construction update coming soon. Please tell me what you think.


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So winter is over and there are something have happened. This will be a long construction update I have also started looking and preparing to move into the stage.

Track arrived inside the car park.


Can you guess what type of coster it is. (I do know but i can't tell you until the park does)


More track in the car park.


The old show was removed and replaced with what looks like the start of a building.


Tea cups and saucers on a truck inside the park.


The painter in his car getting ready to paint this ride.


Overview of the park from the front.


Two cranes lowering conner piece of track. (Looks like an indoor coster) seats also on truck.


view of station side of building with the maintenance track.


Starbucks cafe building.


View of cinema entrance to my stage.


Another view of the indoor roller coster.


Can you see the lift hill at the back left conner.


wild west show is back need the wooden coaster.


Another construction update coming soon.

Edited by Tim Dasco
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So winter is coming up again and we are expecting to open after this winter. I have got my big trailer hear to load my props into the theatre.

Track for the 21 Million USD roller coster.


Construction equipment and trucks with stuff for the coster.


My trailer is in this picture.


Me in the sign and the entrance to the show is half boarded up for summer.


The dinner next to the entrance.


over view of theatre facades.


cup and saucer ride building


Cue line under construction


roller coster building facades shops with coffee and another shop.


looks like their will be some outdoor seating for Starbucks coffee.


roller coster entrance building with cue line.


dinner side view.


western show boarded up for winter.


over view of castle area.


front view of park exit.


The roller coster is going to be built over the winter to be fully built for launch of the park.

See you soon.



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