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I'm sorry, but hold up a minute. Look at this creepy motherfucker. Look at him!

Now I finally know what show haunted my childhood. Thanks ABC!

This one:

Posted Images

An ambulance car and 2 stalls (same as carnivale but halloween themed) have been added outside the bank to sell the signiture foods and at starts cafe a sign has been added for ultimate terror tour. There's no cages outside anymore for dancers either.

There's also an old style black car outside stars cafe (don't know what kind ofcar but it's new and for fright night)

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There's also an old style black car outside stars cafe (don't know what kind ofcar but it's new and for fright night)

It's called a hearse mate , you know, the thing they carry coffins in.


You need to work on your vocabulary a bit mate...Still remember you referring to the grandstands at White Christmas as an "Upwards seating pit".

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Glad they went all out on that one....

Lol, in saying that, I don't really see the point of sticking the maze at the games expo. Yes it's related to the game, but doesn't really seem like a good fit. Better off just having a dark room with the game on display and people dressed up inside that.

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I remember last year I was queued for an 1.5hr for the hillbilly maze. And 30 minutes for evil dead. When it comes to fast pass, there should be a limit on how many they sell because otherwise there ends up being no point in it. Spending money to line up in a queue almost or as long as the non-paid queue is pointless.

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That was a good night. Line for Wolf creek 2 was about 2 1/2 hours. The Ripper and Cannibal Clowns weren't that good to be honest. Cannibal Clowns just used the Darkness Maze set except for the first part. Wold Creek 2 and Evil Within where amazing and are a Must do. The only scheduled show was Hollywood Stunt Driver 2 but apparently it was a bit different to usual show. They also had The Space Cowboy back this year. Would defiantly say last year is was better but it was still enjoyable. My only whine would be that they would let 2 loads of fast track people then 1 load of normal people into the mazes which made the line 2 1/2 hours and they closed off the mazes at 10:30. Tip of advise would be to go straight down to the studio. most people go down mainstreet.

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Oh. My. God.

Got to the park at 6:15. Joined the queue for Evil Within at 6:30. Entered the maze at 8:45. We weren't even anywhere near the end of the queue. I really hope for their sake it was just first night teething issues. The queue rarely moved and the fastpass queue was along the edge of the building and around the corner as well.

The maze itself was great. Clearly they did a lot of work with it and it shows. Wasn't a huge fan of the repeated safe-head guy and feel like they could have thrown something else in there instead. The chick with all the arms is cool though and the revolving saw is a nice touch.

Next stop was going to be GL, but that was closed. So it was a walk over to a very confusing line for Scooby and the Clown maze - scooby had a line at the normal door, and down the escape path. Not sure what the main line was for as the escape path one seemed to be the correct one. (I'll come back to that), Feeling pretty pissed off at this stage.

We walked around to the Ripper maze as we deemed the clown queue too long to be bothered and we'd already spent 2.5 hours standing still. That line was massive so we wandered back to the locker then back to Scooby. - Yes I say every year it's the same experience day/night, but we hadn't been to the park since fright night last year, the queue was moving pretty quick and I wanted to check out the disco room now that the lasers have been replaced. It looks great now and much better and darker than it used to be in the pre-disco room area. The disco room itself, while mostly smoke free looks great with all the lasers. I do miss the cone after the first drop though.

After Scooby we went to queue for the Ripper. Thank god that was a fast queue. That wasn't a scare maze. That was a bunch of women dressed as olden day hookers with a bunch of guys in there who seemed to have wandered over from an Abraham Lincoln look-alike contest. There was nothing jumping out, there was nothing scary, there was nothing......entertaining about that maze. Even the clown maze, was better.

So after that disappointment we went to the Clown maze which was almost a walk-on. (Uses the old Gremlin queue) Took maybe 5mins to get on (by this time it was about 10:10pm) - Basic maze, reused set from previous years, but for people who freak out over clowns, they'd shit themselves.

Haven't had a chance to do Wolf Creek yet, might head back down tomorrow and check it out. This time with a better plan of attack.

Less smoke around the SE area this time, maybe due to the accidents in previous years (someone usually seems to trip on the kerb at least once per visit) Main street was fairly modest smoke, still seems a bit less than previous years.

Evil queue - 2.5hrs from this point (blue x).... the red x is where the queue was when we came out, so I can only assume 3-3.5 hours for that one from there.


Scooby's queue....


Can someone tell me what used to be in this building? There seems to be doors numbered 7 & 9 (no idea what happened to 8) and some doors further down with metal stairs I assume may have either been a ride exit or an emergency ride exit at some point in the park's history?


Anyway, overall, based on this night alone, I'd give the experience a 4/10 with maybe the Evil maze pushing it up to a 6/10. Had I not done the EW maze, a 4/10 would be a very generous score.

I hope I can go back and give a better score in the coming weeks.

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Haven't posted in a while, but I went tonight so thought I'd share my thoughts. (btw this was my first ever fright night so I can't compare to previous years!)

Got there around 7 & headed straight to The Ripper. Started lining up around 7:15, didn't get to the start of the maze until about 9:15. Standing in line for 2 hours sucks a hell of a lot! Overall the maze was kinda dull, not the best scares and the theming wasn't that great. Rate it about 3/10.

After The Ripper we headed over to Wolf Creek 2 Maze. Started lining up around 9:30 & made the front by about 10:15. As soon as I stepped in the first door I could already tell the theming was going to be better than The Ripper. Overall, I think the theming was good & was a pretty well done maze. Rate it about 6/10.

Finally, went and jumped in line for The Evil Within at around 10:30. Was in line for about 5-10 minutes until we got to the front. Overall the maze was pretty good & had some awesome scares! Love the 4 armed girl, she made me drop my nuts haha! I think the ending was a let down but still a great maze and my favourite of the night. Rate it about 7/10.

Didn't get a chance to the the clown maze.

Was a pretty fun night for my first fright night. The ending of the night was a lot better with shorter lines + better mazes. Definitely recommend Wolf Creek 2 + The Evil Within. Also might recommend doing rides first and mazes last as the maze lines were terribly long at the beginning of the night!

Cheers :)

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