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Universal Studios UK (RCT3)

Tim Dasco

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MY previous RCT3 kept crashing so i decided to make a US theme park.

MY name is Nick (in the game) and i work with Universal. This Universal Studios will be located in the UK. It will have some classics rides and attractions and some world first attractions. F.Y.I this is located with a small area of land so land placement will need to be great. Its like USS in land size. More news coming soon.

What types of lands or rides do you want to see. What type of shows do you want to see. Please leave comments.

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Hi all,

So Universal is proud to announce some rides that will be put into the park.

- Harry potter (Clone of the castle but with some changes)

- There will be a new major coster. Name TBA*

- Jurassic park

- The fast and furious-Tokyo Drift*

- A show in a 1000 seat cinema. Based on a one of UK most funniest films/series.*

- Terminator 2:3D

* = New ride not seen in any other Universal park.

F.Y.I All rides will be different none are cheap clones of the other parks.

Way more rides to be announced but this is just the start.

Here are construction photos of the stage. The stage is being built first due to the show will be filmed there every week.


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Hello Nick here, it has been a month since my last update.

Universal is proud to announce some new rides and attractions that construction has gone vertical.

- Mrs Browns boys will be in the theatre.*

- Starbucks cafe will be there.

* = New attraction never seen before.


Starbucks cafe will be there.


In the que line they will show the T.V. show in the Universal stage.


There is 2 levels of seating to make a 1,000 seat total.


The final seats have been put in place.


Th entrance will house the express pass and normal entrance.


Mrs Browns Boys will be filmed in this studio and aired on T.V. The other rides & attractions will be constructed now. I will give an update in a mounth (game time).

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A new construction update will include a newly announced ride.


This is the new Amazing Spiderman ride sign.


ASR will feature a three que system. Universal express, single rider & normal que.


Inside the building the single ride que leaves from the main entrance.


The que area is built but the ride is just an empty shell of the building.


The que line will feature state of the art T.V's to play the new spider man movie.


This is a new structer support. What ride is it for?


This picture was taken from the crane. This is an overview of the previous picture.


Mrs. Browns boys theatre ride entrance.


The spiderman entrance.

I will post another construction update soon.

However for the mean time the attractions will be there so far are:

- MBB theatre.

- Starbucks

- Harry Potter ride (castle ride)

- Fast & ferious

- Jurassic park

- The Amazing Spiderman

Due to funding issues Terminator 2:3D will not be opening at USUK.

What rides do you want to see there?

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Its been officially announced by Universal, "The amazing spiderman based on the movie that recently came out. The ride will be a simulator due to lack of space. We could not bring a transformers based ride into that space. However there will be more great attractions placed into the park. However there will be an indoor ride like transformers but way better. But the quality of this ride is insaine."


This is a new building the other side of Mrs Browns boys.


View of how long the building will be. What ride do you think will be in there.


In this photo shows the simulator and the exit of the ride. (It leads to a stall)


The roof is now over TASM que line.


The wall are bland at the moment until they place the facers over the walls.

I will give an update tomorrow.

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I found this report online.

Someone has spotted track being delivered into USUK. I don't know what ride its for as i heard the major outdoor roller coster was scraped. (This is not from Nick F.Y.I) So what ride is it for Fast and ferrous maybe. Thats just a thought. I guess we have to wait and see.

Edited by Tim Dasco
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Hi i found this on universals website:

We are proud to say this theme park will feature the following rides and attractions:


- Mrs Browns boys ^

- Starbucks -

- Twister: ride it out *

- Universal studios store -

- And more


- The amazing spiderman. *

- F&F the ride *

- Planet hollywood -

- Blue Man Group ^

- Monsters cafe -

- Universal theatre: Showing school of rock and a TBA show ^

- And more


The track spotted outside USUK was for Harry potter rides *e


- Jurassic Park boat ride*

- and more

There are more lands to be announced


^ Shows

- stores

New Fast pass scanners have been placed in cue lines.


In the background is the roller coster.


The removable rope and poles have been installed around the place.


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I really like seeing what people can do on computer with their in-park designs, but I really really dislike the 'first-third person narration' you've got going on here - like you're posting something someone else is writing... its just weird.

I think you'd do well just to post it as your own creation... go back over many previous RCT3 creation threads and you'll see whether it be a recreation or a standalone custom design (such as some of Joz's work) you'll find feedback is invariably positive for people who just post it as it is, without the made up storyline...

I don't wanna kill your enthusiasm for this project at all - but the whole 'nick' business is a little out there.

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So anyway i have added some more pictures of Hollywood and New York areas. Well i will take on your advise and talk threw me. But i will still post the USUK website announcements only.

I want to fix up the planet hollywood facarde.


School of rock theatre


Blue Man Group theater


Monster cafe


Over view of the school of rock.


Back bilbards


Exit of spiderman ride.


Group of buildings with shade sail for staff members.


Car inside the fast and furious ride cue line.


Twister the ride entrance


In some shots you can see the metal poles and rope fence. That is the pop up over flow cue line & fence for the parades.

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Construction update (From me Tim)

A new roof has been placed over Hollywood.


This should keep rain out but sun light in.


This is the Harry Potter roller coster.


The outside kids roller coster in Harry Potter.


The water in the lake has filled up.


Blue Man Group sign and prices.


School of rock at night with very expensive lighting


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