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Sea World's Sea Viper closes after 32 years

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So is that the old train? I thought the Arrow trains were stored underneath the Sea Viper. Still that's pretty cool.


Wonder where the Arrow trains went? Probably sold :(

If I had had any money at the time I would have bought the entire train. Not sure what I would have done with it as I have no track to run it on. Could think of many things to do with old roller coaster cars, including one of my pet projects where I would have converted one into a petrol powered go-kart, not as fast as the stripped down racing equivalents but with plenty of grunt to get from A to B. :)

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Very interesting to see the red train parked in the old station. Now, my question is where did the other 2 engines that the park had under the sea viper go to?

most likely to the disused harf the LTRR building that seems to be the storage shed for the 3 parks at the moment anyway

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Sea World update, photo source: The Theme Park Social Network

The Sea Viper has been completely demolished now. All that lays there now is a large open space:

The upper section of the bridge is now gone. It now makes the space look a lot more cleaner and open:

post-29557-0-88394900-1410066576_thumb.j post-29557-0-58836600-1410066587_thumb.j

The pathway where the train line crossed has been re-laid:

post-29557-0-76622400-1410066660_thumb.j post-29557-0-19776000-1410066674_thumb.j

Other sections of pathway are having some work done to them:

post-29557-0-24656400-1410066701_thumb.j post-29557-0-45578300-1410066714_thumb.j

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Still no work to report on the site as of today. FWIW though I actually think the skyline of the park looks better now. Hated the orange. Picture perfect day may have helped but the park in general (landscaping/environment) is looking spectacular.

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Thanks for the update Flea. I don't think many of us were expecting 'instant' work to begin on the site for anything else, but i'm glad they've tidied it up.

If it's going to sit there a while, it'd be nice if the park would spent a bit on it - some turf, tables and chairs or picnic type umbrellas or the like - take some of the pressure off the main "eating area" for seating, especially for families that brought their own lunch.

Hell - even if they put up a volleyball net, or a "water wars" slingshot attraction (upcharge$!)... just something to fill the void so it doesn't look like so much vacant space... until they're ready to build again.

Of course it depends on the timeline - but if it's there for 12 months, they should improvise in the meantime.

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