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Media Release

Thursday 2nd October 2014

Australia’s Greatest Stories Never Told will be brought to life

in an all new Australian Outback Spectacular Production

A legend will be born as entertainment soars to fresh new heights with the introduction of the stunning new ‘High Country - Myths and Legends’ show at Australian Outback Spectacular, presented by R.M.Williams.

In the new multi-million dollar production launching in December, guests will experience a captivating journey to the snow peaked mountains of the high country where enchanted whispers and legendary yarns come alive with some of the most inspiring stories of Australian characters.

Australian Outback Spectacular General Manager, Shane Phillips said the new show will be unlike anything seen before.

“High Country –Myths Legends will be the most breathtaking arena show ever produced under the Australian Outback Spectacular roof,” he said.

“The bravery, beauty and courage of the greatest Australian stories never told will be brought to life through the biggest display of special effects ever implemented.

“In High Country – Myths and Legends there will be a new three course menu, stirring new musical score composed by John Foreman plus all the comedy, action and drama you’ve come to expect in our specially designed world class arena.

“But before the exciting new show launches in December, we encourage everyone to come along and experience our current production ‘Spirit of the Horse’ before it closes forever.

“‘Spirit of the Horse’ celebrates the courageous spirit of the Australian horse and pays tribute to the legend that is Phar Lap with larger than life characters as well as magnificent animals including the spirited Australian stockhorse.”

The original Australian Outback Spectacular was the first show of its kind in Australia and the newest production ‘High Country – Myths and Legends’ will take the unique and exciting evening dinner show to an all new level.

Don’t miss the last chance to see ‘Spirit of the Horse’ before it closes forever or get in early to be among the first to see ‘High Country – Myth & Legends’. Bookings are essential and tickets are selling fast. For more information visit outbackspectacular.com.au or 13 33 86.

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Well this gives me an excuse to go back to AOS. I do like that they're making an effort to keep the show fresh, changing things up and reinventing it to keep people coming back (and keep the techs from going bored over the same show day in day out).

I look forward to seeing it...

I know it's a long shot - but i'd like to see them offer a 'difference' on a more regular basis. A different show once a month thats a little less 'historical outback' and a little more 'audience involvement'... but either way - i've seen every AOS so far and they haven't disappointed yet. If this is upping the ante from AOS > Light Horse > Phar Lap > ? I look forward to the next instalment.

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Hey Iwerks, It wasn't actually you I was referring to you... but anyway. The new show is split up into a number of different "stories". One of these being about a girl who was sold to a circus, hence that picture. The other one is of the Omeo Ghosts.

Below are the descriptions to the two sections. There are 5 main stories. They show has been designed so they can remove one section and add a new one.

If you have anymore questions please feel free to ask and I will try answer them or get the answers for you.

May Wirth (1894-1978)

From humble Bundaberg beginnings to ‘the world’s greatest bareback rider’ at 17. The remarkable May Wirth was “adopted” by circus performers at age 7 and toured the world entertaining crowds with her astounding equestrian skill. May retired at the peak of her career in 1937 and was added to the Circus Hall of Fame in 1964. See the legend come to life before your eyes…

Road to Omeo Ghosts

The Omeo Highway is 157km of uninhabitable road connecting north-east Victoria to Gippsland via the Victorian Alps. Legend has it that 150 years ago a stage coach carrying four passengers missed a sharp turn in the road, plummeting fifty metres to the creek below. It’s now said that on cold, misty nights, eerie glimpses of a ghostly coach can be seen, still travelling the road looking for lost souls and safe passage to Omeo.

Edited by Luke Beazley

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Ok provided/copy and paste same diff.

Point I was making is I see so little point in these theme park sites that simply repost official releases from the parks you can read on any news site or their own.

Interested that the show is designed so sections can be removed though.

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Come on seriously, how many theme park news sites do we need?

We have 4 theme parks and the bulletin covers them all :)

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And so impartially....

But the bulletin uses professional reporters that sometimes get their facts right, along with decent quality photographic equipment that isn't powered by instagram.

...and they make sense.

...and they follow traditional rules for media.

...and they've finished school.

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Dude I just checked out your website.

The only original material I could find that wasnt copied from an official site was the 'about us' section, which has plenty of spelling & grammar errors.

I won't knock you for trying to do something You're passionate about, but call it as it is.

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Brad I'm sorry but I don't know what site you were visiting. Would you like me to supply links as again you sound like you were to lazy to actually visit the site.


iwerks covering AOS has been quite difficult for the fact that we haven't had an opportunity to film and take photos that Im aloud to release yet, hopefully this will come in the coming days.

I haven't actually seen the final product and a FULL show yet but I have seen majority of the seen during rehearsals and what not, I enjoyed watching them and they were still adding to the scenes. I have seen the full Circus scene and it is quite impressive.

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Brad I'm sorry but I don't know what site you were visiting.

This one

you sound like you were to lazy to actually visit the site.

?? I told you details about the content on the page, how how does that indicate I was TOO (spelling?) lazy to even visit the site?

It's also ALLOWED not aloud.

Edited by Brad2912

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