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Copied from RCT facebook page.....

RollerCoaster Tycoon

All aboard! Were thrilled to announce RollerCoaster Tycoon: World, dropping on PC in early 2015!

This new chapter in the beloved RCT franchise has all the gameplay youve come to know and love, plus ALL-NEW innovative features including 4 player co-op!

Check out our new teaser trailer: http://bit.ly/RCTW1

Visit RollerCoasterTycoon.com for more info!

My bad should have opened this form up under gaming

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^it certainly does look it, but not quite. If in fact it is, Atari's attention to detail has slipped dramatically. That looks like a double-decker carousel, but with teacups. There wouldn't be a counter-rotation inside the ride-base.

What an exciting announcement - Suddenly - everyone's interest is piqued once again... ;)

I'll just wait and see what Joz can do with it.

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This one is being developed by Pipeline Software, not Frontier developments like previous titles. Atari are still the publishers.

If this is pay-to-win I propose we all heard over to Atari and kill everyone.

Ah who am I kidding, we'll all just get uncle torrence to buy it for us.

No micro transactions in this one like there are in RCT4 Mobile.

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Hope it'll be as good as RCT3 and a must they need to do is add service stations, with track switch tracks to all the roller coasters to store other trains during of peak seasons. Just gives the hole game a much more real life affect.

The 11 year wait is finally over ???

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it's going to be resource heavy. the trailer is a preview of ride cam mode so everything you see in the trailer you can actually build in a park.

Unless my eyes are failing me, isn't about 90% of the trailer video of a real ride POV?

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let me just use my powers of telepathy to ask them....

They're saying that it varies by Country. In Australia - our 2015 financial year has already started, so it's only days away from release! Many other countries don't start until January though - so they'll have to wait longer.

They also said if you enter the cheat code "subscribe" on your phone and send it to 199 55 00 32, Big Brother will let you inside the game for a day to ride all your own creations!


We don't have any internal contacts at Atari. When they say 'early 2015' it's like Sea World saying 'Wild' opens 201345 never. They won't set a date until they're assured it's ready for release.

As for PC MAC... here's a story. I worked for an organisation that developed a program. It was a popular program for many people, and users entered the multi-millions. Many Apple fanboys screamed for a MAC version, and for years, they said 'we are looking at doing one'.

A year or so ago, they finally brought out a MAC version after spending thousands (a helluva lot) developing and testing.. In it's first 12 months, barely 200,000 MAC users used the MAC version of the program.

Get a windows emulator. I'd rather they spent the extra on making the PC version rock-solid than diverting development funding on trying to make a square peg fit into a round hole.

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