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Sea World - Creatures from the Deep


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A new exhibit is opening up at Sea World in mid 2015

Get ready for a world-first experience coming to Sea World mid 2015. Featuring some of the most legendary sea creatures including the mythical Kraken this attraction will delight and amaze guests of all ages.

Sea World has confirmed that this will not be replacing the Sea Viper. Any thoughts?

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I'm not surprised that SW are getting an attraction like this. A replacement of Dinosaur Island sounds most likely. They might construct a new building on the outdoor section of Dinosaur Island since it isn't used anymore. From what I can remember and I could be mistaken, but the building used for Dinosaur Island wasn't that big for this attraction.

On another note: The SpongeBob Parade is finishing on the 10th October. The characters will still be a part of the park.

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It's probably obvious, but looking at this I'd say it was taken from around here.


As for the 2nd shot, not certain but Isn't that the function room near the main monorail station?

I'd say that the first shot was taken near to where the entrance to Dinosaur Island was looking just to the east of the main entrance.

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