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Parent Swap at Movieworld

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I don't know that any of them do 'officially', but i'm sure some of them would be able to accommodate you. Not sure on Superman as they do the height check at the start of the queue - but if you have a word to them, i'm sure they'd work something out.

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Turns out most the rides do parent swap and the big board out front says weather it does. Its a shame only half the staff know about it and one lady rudly told me I couldnt take my pram into the Justice league as I was entering (it said parent sawp avalible) and I said "well how do I parent swap" and she say to me you need to go back to the gift shop and enter backwards. Justic League doesnt have a gift shop exit!

We figured it out in the end. Superman and scooby we both used it on and it worked well.

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Superman: Ask the entry host and inform them you want to do a parent swap. Wait at the shop whilst the other parent queues up and tell the loader / grouper that your doing a parent swap. Once you get off the ride also let the unloader know and they will send you through the staff door to the load platform.

Arkham Asylum: Line up as normal and let the attendant know your doing a parent swap. One parent rides while the other waits on the load platform with the child, then swap over and both exit once both parents have rode.

Scooby Doo: Tell the entry host that your doing a parent swap, one lines up whilst the other parent goes to the exit and waits. Once they have finished the first ride, they swap over and enter through a side door between the load / unload platform.

Green Lantern / Wild West Falls / Batwing - SpaceShot: Same setup as Arkham Asylum basically

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