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What Park Could Do With A Renovation?

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Hi guys

So as you know many renovations are happening in the GC.

I have a question that I've wanted to ask and I might sound insane to ask. What theme park could do with a renovation?

Before you rush ahead, I think that one of the parks should do with a renovation, do you think? Personally, I think dreamworld could do with a renovation.

I mean, look at the queue line for the giant drop, it's so old and the back of the park has no improvement at all. So some rides they could add and keep

is giant drop but different, make buzzsaw like superman ultimate flight at six flags discovery kingdom. Those are a few that come to my mind

So what park do you think could do with a renovation? Sorry if I confuse you guys but I really would like your answers



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The queue area for cyclone looks like it has storm coaster damage.

Cyclone's queue line has been so messed up. It needed a refresh more than Wipeout IMHO.

They gotta do something about it so the theming is in uniform with the rest of the park's rides, of which the theming is not broken. That is, all the rides theming is broken when you don't count the tower of terror.

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12 months ago I would have said Dreamworld for sure, but they seem to be already making steps to improve at the moment.

My next choice would have to be Sea World, there's nothing specifically wrong, but I think it just needs freshening up to bring a bit of life back to it.

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I would too say Dreamworld and Sea World.

Dreamworld have shown us what they can do when they renovate an area (Ocean Parade), they now need to continue this with Gold Rush Country. They have started doing some minor modifications, but they need to continue throughout the area. They also need to renovate/upgrade the Cyclone. Coroboree has had some changes, but some of the animal exhibits need to be upgraded, such as the crocodile area and where the dingos were (Some posted on DW's FB page asking about the Dingos, and they replied saying some new animals would be coming to the area soon.

Sea World too have started renovating some areas, but some buildings need a refresh, and some of the pathways need replacing.

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