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Nearmaps have just updated their maps, with the latest images from 6th October. I'll add a few things I've noticed from around the parks, any requests let me know.


A lot of resurfacing work has been going on at Seaworld, the floor of Ray Reef is new, they trimmed back the large tree, also notice the flume pool is now painted blue.


Here is the vacant land left from the Sea Viper


Wet n Wild Jnr.


New shade structures at the wave pool, also new updated colours at wet n wild enterance.


The newly updated Ocean Parade at Dreamworld, with the Tailspin and refreshed Wipeout.


The Triple Vortex

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Great update thanks!! Could you post one for Aussie World? Its one park we havent heard a lot from lately yet in the last 12 months it has had significant change so it would be interesting to see the contrast.

Thanks in advance!

Aussie World hasn't had its images updated since September 1, so not much to see there in terms of changes.

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hey rac could you get one of the little rippers. interested in seeing how much it's faded and if they have removed the algie and slime from the top of the bowl. thanks.

i really think there should be something under storm coaster. like maybe a small flat or more shipping containers or a couple more boats or just a pool of water to fill the space.

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Thanks @AlexB. You can see The Perfect Storm being constructed on the left of Funnel Web's raft conveyor belt but the NearMap image shows nothing new. Google Earth's most recent satellite image of the Park looks the same. Do you know what date that image was taken?

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Reworded question.

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Nearmap has been across most of the gold coast in the past 2 weeks... here's a few updates:

Aqua Racer at Wet N Wild.... GONE!

aqua racer.png

ToT car, and the Cyclone sign - still residing in the DW Boneyard:

DW boneyard.png

Paradise Country - new accommodation options are fitting in well:


Filming in the studios continues for Thor:

studio stage.pngstudio set.pngstudio set 2.png

Sea World's roof:

SW roof.png

Tiger Island:


And White Water World's latest update - changing the shade sails over the kiddie slides to something that blocks a bit more sun:


A very blurry shot of the Sea World train's new resting spot in WWF:

WWF train.png




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