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2015 in Dreamworld - ABC Kids World, V8 Supercars and more

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Totta, don't go near wikipedia's edit button ever again, for the good of your safety and the wider community's.

There's something inherently puzzling about choosing to theme a thrill ride to a range of toys whose target market barely reach the height requirement.

Oh come on Ashley they look nothing alike! The flag is even facing the wrong way! Dreamworld Aint Disney i'm tellin you!!!

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I rote early in the forum that the vintage cars are closed during weekdays and for some reason DW has closed the giant drop during weekdays it started operating these hours after it's 2 day maintenance.

I found it a bit strange for one of the big 9 thrill rides

The restricted hours for the Vintage cars is nothing new. Dreamworld have been operating them with "weekend only" availability during off-peak periods for a couple of years now, this has been discussed numerous times over previously on here: http://www.parkz.com.au/forums/topic/6239-dreamworld-ride-opening-hours/?do=findComment&comment=87827

As for the Giant Drop, I'd have to see further proof of this as from what I can see, other than the Vintage cars, there is nothing on the official website or their FB page to indicate that their thrill ride is currently running at restricted hours. They may have just been running a day or two overdue with their maintenance.

My apologies last time I knew the camera was un-operational as when I went there 4 weeks ago there photos were not available.

Photos for Cyclone have been unavailable since at least the end of January, as that's when we bought our annual passes and we've yet to see them working since then. That said, I'm not exactly sure when they stopped doing them.

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A little off topic, but just a thought that occurred to me.

While we would all like Dreamworld to have a proper soundtrack instead of the generic playlist that play in each themed area, why haven't Dreamworld thought about making the playlist for each themed area somewhat relevant and themed?

For example, near the Tower of Terror songs such as Heavy Metal & Reflective by Azalea Banks and Television Rules the Nation by Daft Punk could help contribute to the vaguely industrial sci-fi theme. For Ocean Parade, Settle Down by No Doubt is still a generic party song but the reggae sound lends itself to the tropical theme. 


Maybe this wouldn't be possible since the half-assed implementation of Dreamworld TV, but I honestly have no clue why they haven't thought about curating the soundtrack for each area to fit the theme.

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I can see the GD from my house and yesterday I watched it for about 10 minutes and then an hour or so later I watched it again and it was running. And on DWs website it says it's open 10-5.

Now they change it. When I last checked on DWs website there no time of operation next to it and on the giant drops info page it had weekdays outside school holidays closed like the vintage cars.

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Re area sound tracks for DW, I thought in Goldrush they played old time music like "click go the shears" ?

They still do. It's one of the few areas of the park where the soundtrack matches the theme. In my original post, I probably should've clarified that I was hinting towards areas of the park such as Main Street, Dreamworks Experience, Ocean Parade, and the Giant Drop/MDMC area. 

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Just on that, they also have area specific music for Dreamworks area. Each mini land has its own music, for instance, Kung Fu Panda has music from the soundtrack playing. 

Last time I went, Kung-Fu Panda had only one relevant song playing; Kung-Fu Fighting. Everytime I went, they were playing Titanium by David Guetta and Sia and I think Wipeout by the Surfaris as well

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They may have other music mixed in, but I can assure you they also have theme specific instrumental tracks playing in Kung fu panda, shrek and Madagascar. I agree that it's not all themed music from the respective films soundtracks, however they have gone to the effort to ensure the area has an upbeat feel as well as tried to keep it all in theme.

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Sorry it wouldn't let me upload these earlier... apparently the forum doesn't like vertically taken photos so I've had to rotate them to get them to work ? Here's one of behind the Cyclone where it was rumoured earlier to be a construction zone for something new... also more of the icecream shop renos:











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