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Elise Lenske

Trip to LA - suggestions

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Hey guys,

I am just planning a trip to the USA April/May. I have a tour booked but will have about 4-5 days prior to the tour to trip around and I obviously want to spend a few days at some parks. :)
I am thinking at this stage of trying to do - Disneyland, Disneyland California Adventure and Six Flags Magic Mountain as this seems doable from LA and also has a good variety of rides.

Is there anything else I really must do while over there? How difficult is it travelling between these parks and LA? Just trying to work out if I should hire a car while there or stick to public transport.

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I've done the starline tours thing, it works. SFMM will be open daily when you go, though the Starline tours might not operate on weekdays due to low demand outside of summer.

Knott's is not far from Disney and worth a visit if you haven't been before, it will be open weekdays too, crowds should be non-existent. Universal Studios is worth a visit also.

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If you're staying in or around Anaheim, Disney is doable - but it depends on what you're after.

Most people will tell you that Disneyland and DCA need at least 3 days (with park hop) to see and do most of what you want to do.

Knott's isn't far, so if you're local to Disney, you might consider just taking a taxi, or working something out with the ART (Anaheim Resort Transit) shuttle buses. Most resorts and hotels in and around Anaheim have an ART bus arrangement, so this also works for Disney.

Universal is another one - but a bit of a hike from Anaheim - and Magic Mountain is MUCH further. To really get a full day out of SFMM, you probably want to drive there, so you can get there early and stay until close (you still won't get everything in in a day though...). I did SFMM in 2013 with a platinum flash pass which is quite expensive, and can safely say I still missed out on several key attractions. Many bus-tour deals with SFMM arrive on, or after opening time, and usually depart several hours before the park closes.

If I had only 5 days, although SFMM does have the most coasters, I'd probably spend three days with Disney and 1 at Knott's. If I was still raring to go after 4 days straight at the parks (you will have a jetlag-crash day 1-2 days after arrival) then Universal would be my fifth day.

SFMM is a great park for it's attractions, but it's capacity, queue management - and the overall "feel" of the park (slightly different demographic based on location) knock it down the list IMO. If you stick with Disney and Knotts, you won't need a car, but SFMM would definitely require it.

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