What makes a ride a "classic"?

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Hello Everyone!

After seeing how everyone has been feeling about the possibility of Eureka Mountain Mine Ride reopening again as well as hearing about the lasting impact of the Bermuda Triangle, I was wondering what makes these rides so beloved it the parks?

What is it that makes the Bermuda Triangle so idolised? Or why everyone wants Eureka back? I never really went to the parks when I was younger so I never got to experience the mine ride or the full Bermuda Experience (Almost all effects bar pepper's ghost never worked), so I'm just curious as to what makes these rides stand out compared to others, such as the Thunderbolt or the Great Gremlins Adventure.

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Unique, has character, lasting appeal, iconic.

I guess you could answer it by saying, if tomorrow every theme park in Australia closed down, in 20 years time what rides would sprint to memory when thinking of your youth/past.

For me, classic Australian rides would be: The Bush Beast, Boomerang, Bermuda, Looney Toons River Ride, and Thunderbolt. The only current rides that I'd consider to be 'classics' if still operational in 20 years would be Superman, TOT, Wild West Falls, Wipeout & at a stretch, Scooby

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I wouldn't even consider superman a classic, it's just a good coaster IMO.

Why they are considered a classic I think is that (say for BT) they were a completely immersive environment and offered the complete package of a ride most comparable to what would be considered an E-ticket at Disney.

The other thing is for most members here I think we grew up with these rides as kids so we have an attachment to them. As time goes on different generations will develop what they consider to be classics for them.

The last of my classics really disappeared when Looney Tunes closed I think.

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i think a classic is a truly personal thing.

In my opinion, a classic is a ride that has lasting effect on you that doesn't diminish over time.

For me the Lethal Weapon is a classic ride. (I am sure many here would disagree and it is far from the best coaster I have ever been on...not even the best at movie world) But i have fantastic memories of that ride from the day it opened and i still enjoy the ride every time i ride it and if it were to close i would be sad at the loss.

But it has to have that lasting effect... the rides you get truly excited to go on again and again, the rides you are upset when you are there and they are closed.

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Agree with everyones sentiments here, and yes it certainly is a personal thing.

For me, i would consider 'in time' Superman Escape to be a classic as it was the first of its kind coaster in Australia (launching coaster) and in terms of speed. It was also the first ride i remember being marketed well in the internet age with its own website that really got people talking and a buzz/viral campaign behind it.

Personally with more thought i would probably include Snowy River Rampage as a classic ride, not because it was particularly unique, but because it holds such vivid memories for me and will always be the basis point for which i judge other 'tyre' based water rides.

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I agree with pretty much everyone's statements here. I just wanted to add that for me, any ride that takes you on a journey is a classic. I love Wild West Falls because I can't go out and capture that experience of classic western films. I love Justice League because I can't go out and save the world. I love the Twilight Zone because I can't go and explore a haunted hollywood hotel that sends me straight down to the fifth dimension.

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my missed and felt to be classic's by myself are

lasseters lost mine ride

the bermuda trangle

warner brothers classics and the great gremlins adventure ( my most missed ride )

batman adventure the ride 1

the looney tunes river ride ( seconed most missed ride )


eureka mountain mine ride ( maybe not lost forever just yet )


and its not a ride but my most missed classic atraction at dreamworld is the australian country jamborie

and i just miss australia's wonderland as a whole

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