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In an effort to make the discussions more meaningful and remove as much of the rubbish as possible, I've put together the Roller-Coaster.com.au Forums Community Guidelines. Please read it all. It's nothing any decent person doesn't already do, so don't worry. To repeat what it says, ignorance is not an excuse. If you break these rules then you pay the consequences, all of which are fair and reasonable given the individual circumstances.

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Given that they're acronyms, they should be LOL, TOT, GD, SP, but yes they can be used. They are useful, because for instance saying WBMW or MW is much easier than saying Warner Bros. Movie World or Movie World all the time and everyone knows what you mean. My point is with words such as "u", "r", "cuz" and that sort of stuff. Very different from what's above, and quite hard to understand when they are used.

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