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Coney Island Cyclone - minor incident

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Typical maintenance break down of attraction blown out of proportion by media

Well - thats how the headline should read.

instead - it says 'US roller coaster mishap strands riders'

US roller coaster mishap strands riders
  • From: AAP
  • 24 minutes agoMarch 30, 2015 12:13PM

A ROLLER coaster at New York City's Coney Island amusement park got stuck on the first day of the season, leaving passengers briefly stranded atop the wooden structure.

WITNESSES told the Daily News that about 24 passengers on the first run of the Cyclone at Luna Park were readying for the initial drop on Sunday when it suddenly stopped.

They said park employees went to the top of the ride and helped the passengers walk down on the wood planks. It wasn't clear when the ride would reopen. There were no reports of injuries.

It just stopped.

This 'breaking news' is proudly brought to you by #slownewsday

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As much fun as these anti-sensationalised titles are lately, I've renamed this one to make it a bit less generic.

For what it's worth, it sounds like a pretty unremarkable incident, though the fact that it was the first cycle of the first day of the season is at least a bit newsworthy.

As far as roughness goes, I've ridden it a handful of times over the years -- I try to make the trip out to Coney Island every time I'm in NYC for an obligatory ride on the Cyclone and a forgettable Nathan's hot dog -- and it's far from the roughest coaster out there. I've always thought it's pretty good for its age, especially considering it has a pretty wild layout.

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^I agree, it has got a great layout, it's a classic. I only rode it once or twice in 2008, and it was like it was bouncing on the track at the bottom of the drops - the big saving grace was the heavy padding on the seats.

I've been stuck on the lift hill and evac'd, no big deal - unless you're going to be late for the TPR tour bus LOL.

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