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Yep, new ride/attraction by the looks of it. Typhoon was the last attraction (great proslide waterslide btw) they added, back in late 2013, and there were no new attractions in the 2014-2015 season. So I assume they have been saving up for a new attraction for this summer coming.

I remember doing a survey about a year ago about future attractions. A couple of the options were wavepool, rollercoaster & lazy river. Fingers crossed for a coaster!

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Didn't Funfields release a statement a while ago saying they weren't taking it on due to it's age and uncertainty in regards to reliability?

Yep that is correct. Funfields looked closely at Reef Diver but decided to pass, given the poor material condition of the ride overall.


I noticed on the Funfields website it says:

"funfields is now closed. we will re open bigger and better on saturday 19th September 2015"

Is this an indication of a new Ride/Attraction coming to funfields? anyone have any info?

Am I the only one who thinks that this quote is kind of wishful thinking on absolute proof that the park is definitely getting a new attraction? To me , it feels like we are are reading a little too much into it. Certainly the park needs to continue to grow and a new attraction would be most welcome. I just have a few doubts whether anything new will materialise at this stage, without more solid evidence to go on.

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@iwerks Yeah but Adventure World has a better climate than Funfields here in vic, and can afford to, unlike a park in Vic that is always susceptible to weather. Just look at the Typhoon slides constant delays in construction and opening due to weather.

I admit it is probably wishful thinking that funfields will add another major ride this year, but if they do, i would bet on a water ride as they are cheaper to build, run, etc.

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Does Funfields even have enough money to install an attraction every 2 years?

Looks like they do! Funfields have just announced 3 new rides for this summer season.


http://www.funfields.com.au/rides or their facebook https://www.facebook.com/Funfields/

  1. Kraken Racer - A 4 lane ProSlide KrakenRACER waterslide.
  2. Berry Ferris Wheel - A Zamperla Mini Ferris Wheel
  3. Samba Balloon - A Zamperla Samba Balloon

The Kraken Racer looks like the most thrilling addition, and it's also the first of its kind in Australia. Pretty keen to give it a try, it looks pretty fast. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=A_w0JGtLGyo

As much as I want Funfields to add more thrilling ride additions, like a Gerstlauer coaster similar to Adventure World, it's great to see Funfields updating the park and adding new rides. And you have to remember that Funfields caters towards a family audience with smaller kids.

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To be fair Funfeilds has called it the 'Kraken Racer', as opposed to just 'Kraken'. Plus I doubt the people who named the ride knew of the Kraken slide at Adenture World. I honestly think they just took the generic product name from Proslide and ran with it haha, cause it's exactly the same :)

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To be fair Funfeilds has called it the 'Kraken Racer', as opposed to just 'Kraken'. Plus I doubt the people who named the ride knew of the Kraken slide at Adenture World. I honestly think they just took the generic product name from Proslide and ran with it haha, cause it's exactly the same :)

To be honest they should just stick water slides for now..... 

This looks like a great new addition to a smaller park and I'm very keen to go to the park next season!

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If anybody is keen on seeing some unique construction photos of the Kraken Racer, head over to the latest Parkz Update:  http://www.parkz.com.au/update/2015/12/10/372-Funfields_2015.html

I was down on the weekend to check out the park. The slide was testing when I was there, with workers applying the finishing touches to landscaping, signage and the timing system. The park is looking better than ever, with new themeing and improved landscaping. It's exciting to see this small park grow consistently every year. Grand opening of the Kraken Racer is this Saturday.



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    • By melbourne_guy
      Funfields' planning application has just been approved by Whittlesea Council tonight. Will be a multi-coloured tornado slide, which will share the same tower and splash pool as the Gravity Wave. No name or opening date yet but it's bound to open sometime in 2020. Great to see the continued investment. This will be their fourth ProSlide and their seventh overall. They have also applied for a couple of other permits (to better compete with Gumbuya IMO) which includes opening until 8pm on 7 selected days in January and a liquor licence for the wave pool area.

    • By Mark Shaw
      There is going to be a new kid on the block, opening around Mid November.  Great to be involved. 

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      I really knew nothing about any of these parks in Melbourne until this thread made me do a bit of research. They are really starting to come into their own. It's interesting and very positive that a number of these smaller parks are now seeing the value in investing in major new attractions. Adventure Park in Geelong is about to install a Tornado and the ad on the website is up there on par with the GC parks in terms of design, as you can see. I've always felt bad for Melbourne for only having the very below average Luna Park, but it looks like things are on the up down there.

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      Me and my brood are off to Paris and the U.K. next month to visit the rellies. We've bought a 2 park, 1 day ticket for DLP so I did some research on how to fit both parks in.  I noticed that the new Ratatouille ride opened last month and that it cost $270m (US) $AU 300m+.
      What made me wonder is what size theme park could you construct with that sum of money?

    • By Patrick Dove
      So I saw this on Facebook:
      Kenny Kemp: Any new rides   Like · Reply · June 10 at 4:27pm Funfields Hi Kenny, we have a few new attractions coming to Funfields, they will be announced closer to our opening date!   Unlike · Reply · 2 · June 10 at 4:39pm     Anyone have any info or Ideas??
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