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Aussie World InvaSCIon - New Night-time Event

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Aussie World have announced a new evening event to be held on the 25th of July, InvaSCIon. The science fiction and pop culture themed event will run from 6 - 10pm and cost $25.00.

From the website:

post-754-0-48341900-1431474372_thumb.jpg IT'S COMING...

Be ready for everything pop culture, science fiction, super heroes, cosplay, comics, steam punk, table top games plus awesome rides AFTER DARK!

Gates open 6pm until 10pm.

More details to come...

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    • By strop
      The latest Nearmap update of the Sunshine Coast (29 Oct, 2020) shows plenty has happened at the Palmview park.
      A large rectangular slab has been placed adjacent to the yet to be opened SX360.

      Plenty of orange track, grey trusses and a crane are all clearly visible.

      This also means we now have three coasters under construction at the same time in South East Queensland.
      Coaster cars perhaps?

    • By strop
      I came across a question and response on Facebook in regards to the SX360 opening. Had to laugh that they went with “that line” but glad they went on to expand on it:

    • By Luke Costello
      I was at Aussie world today and I grabbed a few photos of some of various parts to the new inverting pendulum ride they are building.

      What looks to be the control booth.

      Parts of the gondola in some wrapping.

      Some unknown parts.

      Part of a sign and more unknown parts.

      The main arm laying on the construction site.

    • By Aimsley81
      It had been a very long time since I had visited Aussie World (20+ years!) so I decided to check out their Ride the Night event last night. In the way of rides, I knew it couldn’t compete with anything on the GC, but there were a couple of good attractions on offer. 
      Gates opened at 5:45pm and I took that opportunity to walk around the park until the rides started at 6pm. I was surprised at how colourful the park was. Yes I’d seen their advertising and web-site but the park looked - and felt - really fresh and vibrant. It also still had some of that ‘carnival/funfair’ feel as there was different music playing at every turn - though the fact there was a local radio station set up there for the night might also have something to do with it.
      From 6pm I took on the Redback, Bug Run (counts as a coaster right?), Mayhem Maze, Space Shaker, The Wasp, Voyage Simulator, Mozzie Musta and Professor Bogglesworth’s Illusionarium. Dark Rebel and Ballroom Blitz were closed and they had to close The Plunge as it stopped while going up the lift hill and they had to evacuate the riders off of it. The Ferris Wheel ended up closing early too because of the storm. 
      The staff all came across friendly and laid-back - although the ride operators seemed very young. There was some live entertainment during the night - a dj, dancing, fire twirling, plus fireworks at 9pm.  There were a couple of staff members roving the park offering glow-in-the-dark body paint as well as one covered in glow-in-the-dark wrist bands that he gave out to guests during the night. 
      Highlights of the night for me were the Illusionarium as well as the Mayhem Maze. The only way I can describe the Illusionarium is a maze of optical illusions and it was really good and a decent length. The Mayhem Maze was also surprisingly good in that the actors gave good frights!! If it was longer, it could give anything at MW’s Fright Nights a run for its money (IMO). 
      Overall, what the park delivered on the night (and for a mere $25.50) it smashed my expectations. Not a park I could spend a lot of time in but perhaps that will change with what Aussie World has in plan for its future. 

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