Buzzsaw Now Has Safer Seats

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Dreamworld’s big thrill ride the BuzzSaw has been closed due to safety concerns

DREAMWORLD'S BuzzSaw ride is closed because of a safety issue.

The thrill ride was shut down on February 9 and remains closed as engineers investigate the problem.

A Dreamworld spokeswoman said there was a problem with the safety system that the team was looking into.

“The harness has several layers of safety and one of those layers has been compromised,” she said.

“They’ve got to keep it closed until they’ve done a full assessment.

“No one will ever be in danger because of those safety layers.”

The spokeswoman said there was no incident with riders that sparked the closure.

It is unclear when the ride will reopen.

Property Of Gold Coast Bulletin 

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This news was from a few months ago and I'm fairly sure we have another topic which has spoken about this. Thank you for your contribution to parkz, but just be sure to check that there isn't another forum about the topic. If you are unsure, maybe just post it in a related topic (for the buzzsaws seats and harnesses, I would post that in the 2015 at dreamworld)

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Yeah - I appreciate the keenness, but you're just regurgitating other peoples material (both articles and photos) in all of your contributions so far.

You should give credit \ provide a link to any article you've posted, and if the article isn't your own, you should also enter it in Quote tags.

You're presenting this sort of stuff (both the ABC kids world and the Buzzsaw news) as if it was breaking news we didn't know about... if you'd taken the time to read through previous posts you'd realise that not only did we know about it already - we've talked about it long enough for the topic to derail and drift into many other varied and useless side-discussions.

My point is - you're several months late to be reporting stuff as 'news'

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Wtf.... I read the first post and was immediately confused, I thought for a split second that this incident had happened again :blink: Only to realize that it is a super old article!!! Talk about misleading <_< Not cool, dude... there really was no need to copy/paste an old article (let alone start a new thread when there is an existing one about this) just to add your 2c on the matter.

ETA: At the very least if you insist on sharing an old article, you could have at least kept the original date on it so it's immediately obvious to first readers that it's old.

Edited by OceanGirl

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