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I've always wanted to have a theme park of my own and since I'm quite the anime buff, I want anime as the main theme. JRPGs could also work. Soooo, wanna share some ideas?

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I hardly know enough about anime and JRPGs to pass much of a comment, but it could possibly work. It may well get a lot of interest from Japan and round the world, especially if the correct IPs were chosen.

Basically, you'd need to have "lands" similar to Magic Kingdom - not themed around properties, but around general themes. You could, for instance, have a "future" land, which would be where the Gundam ride sits.

Properties would have to be chosen based on what properties have performed well in the past, and continue to do so. Like the Gundam example - that's been going for years and will always have a strong following. An FFVII land, based around Midgar with possibly a roller coaster themed to the bike bit leaving the city - possibly, but that may be stretching the idea of "lands" too far. What if, after the FFVII re-launch, it all goes out of fashion? I'm kinda worried with Universal's Harry Potter lands that, with the movies and books done, they'll go out of fashion in the next few years, which is why I'd sooner moot Disney's "generally themed" lands, rather than themed to single properties.

Still, definitely a good idea and one which could work.

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Sanrio Puroland is a good example, you'd just need a couple more rides and coasters.

That site overloaded my brain's capacity for pinkness.

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Here’s my idea for a anime theme park based on all the anime I’ve watched I’ll start with Pokémon I would make that like the kids area like looney tunes at movie world it would have some kind of dark ride and a few flat rides like a frog hopper themed around magikarp. Next is a my hero academia I think a anime about hero’s could make a great land I would make a coaster based the first ua high training bit where the teacher lied about the guy who got the least amount of points gets expelled and another few flat rides like a toxic scrambler where it could be like your fighting  with the other students to take down a villain. My final area would be based on the anime re:zero if you’ve never heard of it it’s basically about a guy who gets transported to a new world and every time he dies he goes back to a certain point in time so he can change what happens to keep going on the adventure I recommend you watch it’s really good but anyway I would make a dark ride based on the final fight with that vampire girl where the trade for the insignia happens and a roller coaster based on the main guy (can’t remember his name) trying to get back the insignia that Emilia needs to get a king to help rule the land and that’s what I think a anime theme park should be like

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