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21 Nov 2015 - Seaworld temporarily evacuated due to nearby bushfire

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Link for non-mobile users:

"Both Sea World, its adjacent resort and a nearby recreational area have been evacuated as a precaution"

This whole zone has been declared a disaster area.


"Queensland Fire and Emergency Services ground crews are working to contain the fire with water-bombing operations expected to begin shortly."

"But it's heading south from that - if the wind changed it's about a kilometre north of Sea World."



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I'll take the all caps headline out later, but fires on the spit are just a thing that happens from time to time.  The call to evacuate would have more to do with the smoke in the area than it would with any threat to the park. 

I tried to edit the headline after I posted it but it seems that isn't a fucntion on this forum. Would you mind changing it to include the date at the start? "21 Nov 2015 - Seaworld temporarily evacuated due to nearby bushfire". The news seemed to suggest that the evac was due to the possibility of the wind changing direction and pushing the fire south (along with the obvious smoke issues).


Multiple news sites now reporting visitors are allowed to return to the park however it's suggested by QFES for everyone to avoid the area unless absolutely necessary. 

Latest official:



edit - Damn, I just realised I missed the perfect opportunity to use "BREAKING NEWS" and it actually was breaking news. 

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Unfortunately, there are already numerous losers moaning on the SW Facebook page. Things that imply that somehow this relatively minor incident is a good reason not to have any marine animals at Sea World!

Also people insisting that Sea World should evacuate all the marine animals in such a situation.


I don't use this phrase often, but they really need to get a life!

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Too far? 


If anyone is planning on going to the park today, if it's not to much trouble, would you mind taking a drive to the end of the spit and see how close it was to the park in reality? 

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