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Tiger Island Refurbishment - Dreamworld 2016

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9 hours ago, AlexB said:

Ok - I realise it is temporary and all, but did we seriously need to use quick shades that have seen about 10 years of summer sun? Faded, patched, torn... could it have hurt them to go and buy a couple new ones from Extreme Marquees? They could have ordered any colour they wanted and pretty well got them off the shelf, or even had a custom white tiger print, or logo print, or any other bloody design they wanted with a few weeks lead time.

Seriously - it looks like they've decided on the 'junkyard' theme... those marquees have no place 'onstage'

Personally, I'm loving those really awkward-looking pot plants the most.

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Bumping up a topic here, but what I’m about to tell you all is very important.    If you have never used them, I highly recommend. When you next visit Dreamworld, use the toilets in tiger islan

No doubt folks here will appreciate a more in-depth look so i've attached a few shots. Giving the kids a chance to get up so close to the tigers is a big win, which will no doubt inspire more of the n

Picture time!  

Posted Images

Why should they have to? Because they're a theme park. Not a fucking carnival.

Why should they? Because they should have standards

No one cares? I do.


For the same reason we discussed weeds and long grass under the abyss. For the same reason we prefer steam trains over diesel tractors. for the same reason Push loses his load over non-rollercoaster attractions. 

They shouldn't do it because they HAVE to. They should do it because they care about the appearance of their park and the guest experience. They hosted lions from Canberra Zoo on a temporary basis whilst the zoo renovated their enclosure and they built the Lair. Faux rock theming and all sorts of little touches. They could have just rented a metal cage on a trailer from Stardust Circus... but they didn't. 

Honestly - it would be chump change for them to have custom vinyl printed quickshades with generic dreamworld promotional signage \ imagery on it, which they could use all over the park - school holiday meet and greets, really long queuelines on newly launched attractions...

I mean this, even though it is plain, looks far better:



But how much nicer would something like this be if they had the time?


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18 hours ago, Ashley said:

Rocky Hollow Log Ride is down for over a month maintenance 15/02 till 23/03 odd for a water ride. Would you think the log ride would anything fixed up on in the way of TLC.

When I was there the other day the ride had people stuck on the ride on more than one occasion - maybe they found a bigger problem?

Also the timing on the brakes when sending the logs from the station were out of wack and started lifting the back of the log up before we finished passing it and it had only lifted the front of the log behind us.

If not a bigger problem maybe they were just having a bad day.


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6 hours ago, webslave said:

lawl http://www.starnow.com.au/racheljoseph/

  • BeatBox by JB World Events : Simulated DJ/Dancer, Gold Coast, Australia

Lol, the key word there being "simulated"... 

verb, to imitate the appearance or character of.

Definitely NOT a real DJ ?

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1 hour ago, djrappa said:

Why is everyone so angry at the DJ?

jusy think of them as a performer in a show and not as a DJ. They are playing the PART of a DJ and I think it made perfect sense in the context of the show.  

Probably because I am married to a real one lol. It's an industry I have been closely tied into for a large chunk of my life, as I worked in radio for years and got to know a lot of GC ones. Also did mixing lessons at one stage too, so I was an amateur DJ for a while ?

To say the least, I know there is a LOT more skills, effort & homework involved to hold a real DJ title ?

So yeah, it does shit me a little when someone labels themselves a DJ when they have very little musical or professional talent. Just like I can't stand Paris Hilton lol??

It's a pet peeve close to my heart, to say the least ?

Edited by OceanGirl
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But were they labeling themself as a DJ? I'm pretty sure they were saying they were a dancer. 


I just don't get why everyone is so up in arms that someone was pretending to be a real DJ when at no time do I believe they ever said they were a real DJ. 

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33 minutes ago, djrappa said:

But were they labeling themself as a DJ? I'm pretty sure they were saying they were a dancer. 


I just don't get why everyone is so up in arms that someone was pretending to be a real DJ when at no time do I believe they ever said they were a real DJ. 

Just to explain myself, I was referring to the article Ninja posted the link to, where she is referred to as 'DJ Rachel Joseph' numerous times over. Ninja also referred to her as a 'real DJ' in that same post....

On 20/02/2016 at 11:30 AM, The_Ninja_59 said:

speaking about the BeatBox, turns out the DJ that was playing during the event was a real DJ after all http://www.goldcoastbulletin.com.au/entertainment/dreamworlds-new-late-night-show-beatbox-goes-off/news-story/9f628934925e18c9a109536c3e694aee

I wouldn't have bothered saying anything more, otherwise. Was only cuz it got brought up again ??

Edited by OceanGirl
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On 20 February 2016 at 9:36 AM, The_Ninja_59 said:


Just been to DW and these posts have been put almost all the way around, at this point I can't figure out what it's going to be, I'm imagining a fence, but not sure how that will work with the space. There were also quite a few workmen walking in and out of the Kevin hill building.

Im thinking once the Cubs can move into the main enclosure this whole corner of the park will he fenced off so major works can begin.

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  • Richard changed the title to Tiger Island Refurbishment - Dreamworld 2016

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